Deadlands Reloaded Complete Bundle

If you haven't experienced the Wild West, Savage Worlds style yet, then you're missing out pardner. Deadlands Reloaded features a wide range of available player characters, from the gritty gunslinger, mad scientist, gambling magician, frontier priest and more.

This bundle comes with everything, and I mean everything, that we've released so far for Deadlands Reloaded. It has enough adventures to keep your posse busy until the cows come home and has all the basic rules for Deadlands and Savage Worlds. Pick up the whole caboodle and you'll save a few dineros in the process. If you already have some of the items, you can pick up the rest to round out your bundle and get all those at a 20% discount. If that's not enough, you'll continue to get the same discount on all future products that we add to the bundle whenever you complete the bundle again.