Quick Start Guide for Fantasy Grounds Unity

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Helpful Links

QuickStart Wiki The Quick Start Wiki helps you get started with Fantasy Grounds. It is consistently updated as our interface evolves over time.
User Manual The User Manaul features basic guides on usage, Available Rulesets, Installation Instructions, and Developer Guides.
Forums Fantasy Grounds Website forums are a great place to organize games, discuss the program or seek additional help from our community over over 150K users. Moderators are actively watching and responding to threads.
Fantasy Grounds College A great place to have hands-on training with over 5,000 volunteers worldwide.
Discord Discord is a lobby based chat system that support voice and video. It is great for real-time communication with moderators and other fans. There are normally thousands of users online at any point in time.
FG Forge The FG Forge is a place where you can subscribe to extensions, modules, and other content from community creators. You can even become a crafter and share your own creations for free or as paid add-ons. Running an Update within Fantasy Grounds Unity will automatically keep all your subscriptions updated with the latest version released by the Crafter.