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Chariot of the Gods

The job was routine, the money fair. Then the damn company diverted you to answer a distress call from a ship that disappeared almost 80 years ago--a derelict carrying something bizarre, twisted, and alien. What the ship's frozen crew brought back with them was bad enough--what they themselves were turning into was a bloody nightmare. Add to that an annoying sensor ghost shadowing you in the void, and your stress level is shot.

It's all a bit much.

You don't get paid enough to deal with monsters. But hold your breath, count to three, and play your cards right with this one, and you just might walk away very rich. Oh, who am I kidding?

You're all going to die.

Chariot of the Gods is a complete Cinematic Scenario for the ALIEN Roleplaying Game written by sci-fi novelist Andrew E.C. Gaska. The booklet designed to introduce you to the game while at the same time taking you on a thrilling, terror-filled ride into deep space where no one can hear you scream. Chariot of the Gods is designed for 3-5 players plus the GM and takes at least 4-5 hours to complete.

The digital conversion includes the following:

  • 5x pre-generated characters that represent the crew of USCSS Montero and additional 10x pre-generated characters to server as replacement
  • 10x NPC and 2x abominations
  • More than 30 high-resolution images of deck maps, sceneries, and characters from the scenario
  • Portrait pack
  • 29x locations linked to each deck plan
  • 33x story entries for the events in the scenario

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Adapted for Fantasy Grounds by:

Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Unity license and a one time purchase of the Alien Roleplaying Game ruleset. Compatible with Fantasy Grounds Unity

Copyright (C) 2022 Fria Ligan. All Rights Reserved.

Released on October 20, 2020

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.7 and higher.