A Wicked Secret & And Other Mysteries
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A Wicked Secret & And Other Mysteries

Journey to the Mythic North and investigate four bone-chilling cases that will test your abilities to the fullest. This book contains four standalone mysteries for Vaesen - Nordic Horror Roleplaying , playable on their own or as a part of a longer campaign. In these pages you will find:

The digital edition of A Wicked Secret & Other Mysteries for Fantasy Grounds includes:

Adapted for Fantasy Grounds by: Aleksandar Velkov, and Pixeldiet

Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Full or Ultimate license and a one time purchase of the Vaesen ruleset. Compatible with Fantasy Grounds Unity or Fantasy Grounds Classic

Screenshots may differ from what you see in-game based on the extension and ruleset you have loaded and if you are running Fantasy Grounds or Fantasy Grounds Unity.

Copyright (C) 2022 Fria Ligan. All Rights Reserved.

Released on January 13, 2021

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.7 and higher.



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