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    Kelrugem's extensions

    The links in the second posts lead to the FGC versions. The forge contains the FG unity versions https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/crafter/2/view-profile

    If you are a dev and want to contribute to our code, then see my Github profile: https://github.com/Kelrugem


    This support thread is about my extensions, mainly for 3.5e/PF1, and in the following I will usually list the latest major update(s) of my extensions If you want a full description, then see the forge descriptions of the corresponding extension You can report bugs and wish requests here (or anything else )

    Latest updates to my extensions, considering the extended automation and overlay ones:

    • Compatibility with the newest patch of 23 February
    • Thanks to rhagelstrom: Better compatibility with his extensions
    • Thanks to Bmos: There is now a chat message notifying if the maximum numbers of attack of opportunity is reached or exceeded
    • Thanks to rogervinc: There is now a new tag for PC specific tag effects: The circumflex ^. If added at the very beginning (or right before or after a minus sign), then the rounding rule, if any, will be rounded up. For example [^-HCL] is the halving the CL, rounded up, then the negative sign is applied. (That is also: The sign change comes after the rounding)
    • New effect: noblood prevents wound overlays and blood trails (see below).
    • Further more: Blooooood trails! (*goes frenzy*)
      There is an extra setting in the campaign options (in the category Extended Automation by Kel at the very bottom) for setting blood trails. This means that you will see blood drops on the map below a token which got damaged. This blood is set in the campaign settings - Death markers. That is, the blood can be customized and set for specific NPC types, similarly to the native death markers.

      In order to customize the blood trail: The corresponding death marker asset set's name has to start with Blood -, do not forget the hyphen. If the corresponding death marker does not start like that, the blood trail will use the default death marker defined at the very top of the death markers window; if this set's name does also not start with Blood -, then it will use the Blood - Red asset set as a standard set. Thus, in order to avoid problems, do no delete the red blood asset set.

      The mentioned setting to turn this feature on also provides a blood filter. The percentage is the probability of a blood trail after damage is dealt. If you use the StrainInjury variant of this extension, then there is an extra setting for applying blood trails only after injury damage is dealt.

      The blood scales with the damage output compared to the max HP, in relation to the token image size; it cannot be bigger than the token image size itself. It is also randomly placed under the damaged token, leading to some aesthetic variety avoiding a "grid-like" bloodied battle field

      The blood can be "cleaned" by either erasing the death marker image layer or by clicking the Clear Death Marker button in the toolbar.

    Furthermore: The alternative icon extensions will now also be downloaded, when you subscribe to the non-alternative version. The forge page for the alternative icons is still there, but I would appreciate if you switch, so that I can take down the alternative forge page So, no worries, everything still there, it would just be easier for me to maintain two instead of four overlay package forge pages Thus, you will now download two extensions, and then just select the one with your desired overlays
    I.e., subscribe to https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/1/view instead of https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/29/view
    For StrainInjury: Subscribe to https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/31/view instead of https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/24/view

    Thanks for your patience
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    Future extensions (not sure if I will ever be able to do that):

    • New "spell class" for maneuvers as grapple things or the ones in the tome of battle, especially with the ability to force skill checks of targets. Basically: Skill Actions!
    • Correct reach underlays but it seems that the code for that is encrypted, so not sure if I am able to do that
    • New effect stuff! Negation ! and (C) as in 5e and effect for ignoring effects of targets (like CONC coming from lightning effects, though that effect can have targets; but depending on the numbers of actors in the CT an "ignore target" function could be useful, like an inversed targeting function) and so on (EDIT: somehow partially done now with the negated IF operators)
    • Making HP calculation customizable
    • Automatic adding of tags of psi, psi-like
    • Disease and poison automation (done by Bmos )
    • Time "pusher" (especially for hours etc. and then adding the possibility that hours duration are tracked properly in the CT) (also done by Bmos )
    • Encumbrance of weight automated (armor check penalty and max DEX due to weight not just armor) (I think also already done by Bmos?! )
    • Negative damage types: For erasing a damage type
    • Ability damage using the damage fields for attributes. Necessary: Ability damage boxes for NPCs
    • IFT: X,Y, Z,...; working as for IFTAG.
    • Aligning NPC parsing to my additional effects (i.e. parsing for IFTAG:.. and so on)
    • Automated ammunition toggle (One word: Bmos )
    • Protection from energy automation; and stoneskin
    • precision damage ignored when sight "concealed" in some sense
    • Carrying over 4e effect stuff (trigger of automatic saves, expiring at end or beginning of turn etc.)
    • Allowing to drag&drop numbers on the ability damage boxes (works already, but it is not additive)
    • Advantage/disadvantage for certain effects only (not just the generic one); fixing damage types bug related to that (Partially done)
    • More mathematics for effect tags like [STR] (partially done, but there is always more to do)
    • Height label should vanish when token added to a new map. Overlays should be more persistent
    • Diehard (especially PF1) automation with respect to the death overlays
    • Better PC tags (also quarter of CL etc., see bmos suggestion), maybe also persistent tags which automatically updates the effect (i.e., it does not parse the mod, but looks in the sheet each time the effect is called). By Svandal: Options for a maximum bonus in these tags (partially done)
    • automation for incorporeal stuff (ghost AC revived? etc)
    • Increasing performance for effect systems: Idea, using different databases for that to distribute stuff, like the property fields of weapons or having multiple different windows for effects (global effects, offensive, defensive, tags (used for CUSTOM etc) and so on)
    • Aesthetics: Adding small icons for spells etc; maybe to the hotkeys, too (which requires a persistent link to the sheet then)
    • With the new distance API, see https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...l-APIs-for-FGU, adding automation regarding distance, including my height extension
    • FORTIF versus multiple damage types at the same type (like just against critical slashing types)
    • Negative DR effect
    • Svandal request: [D4 5STR] for example (5/4 times STR) (see also Khoredran's request about similar things)
    • TEMPO as effect (? Pull request by bmos already exists, just need to think about nasty stacking rules)

    For next update to-do-list (thanks to all contributors): https://github.com/users/Kelrugem/projects/1

    Have fun I hope this thread is okay


    LICENSE: You can use and change it however you want, integrate it in your code and reupload it etc., so you can do everything what you want with these extensions but do not commercialize it You do not need to ask me for this But mentioning me as original author or so would be nice (Smiteworks is allowed to integrate the code if they want, hehe ) That only holds for my additions to the code, there are images included in the full overlay package and there I attached the licenses of the images
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    [Reserved for future #1, just in case]

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    [Reserved for future #2, just in case ]

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    Thanks for all your hard work Kel!
    My group really appreciate both your AoO tracker and the leather theme.

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    Thanks for your words

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    With respect to compatibility with other extensions: As I said I made a lot of combined packages but I just realized that my extensions may not be compatible with the mirror image extension of darrenan. Sorry, didn't realize that (since it's only for PF1 and so I do not use it in my 3.5e games). I try to make a combined package with that extension in the future when I find time for it

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    The anti-magic field extensions would be enough, the simplicity outside the box approach, Kelrugem than you very much.

    I made some screenshots.
    The "ANTI" approach seems to work best for me, effects may be easily added to account for the magic used. In this case I added the effect for the magic whip anti-magic effect for attack and damage
    ANTI 1.jpg
    This is the result when one toggles the individual On/Off on the combat tracker.
    ANTI 2.jpg

    Simply awesome!!!!

    Kelrugem thanks again!

    These are the modules and extensions created and/or taken over by dellanx for PFRPG.

    I had a lot of help and advice from many here at FG.

    Thank You!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dellanx View Post
    The anti-magic field extensions would be enough, the simplicity outside the box approach, Kelrugem than you very much.

    I made some screenshots.
    The "ANTI" approach seems to work best for me, effects may be easily added to account for the magic used. In this case I added the effect for the magic whip anti-magic effect for attack and damage
    ANTI 1.jpg
    This is the result when one toggles the individual On/Off on the combat tracker.
    ANTI 2.jpg

    Simply awesome!!!!

    Kelrugem thanks again!
    Thanks for the words I am glad that someone else can use the antimagic extension, too

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