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    Save overlay extension

    This is for FG classic! See the links below and in my signature for FG Unity :)
    Forge links: https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/29/view and https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/1/view

    Hi :)

    In that thread I will now upload my extension about a save overlay, it adds a new option in the seetings for a graphical hint telling you what the outcome of your spell/action was such that you do not have to read the chat, and overlays for wounds; see the attached image (the player view, the one with the open character sheet, is there since there the chat contains everything for that one spell when you want to check whether the overlays' outputs are correct).

    The save overlay was originally introduces by Ken L in his Advanced Kombat extension and I was able to reproduce it, in such a way that I can release it without the GPL. I wrote with Ken L and he seems to be okay with that I release it without the GPL since the save overlay is partly a soft touch of the FG code and under the condition that my code is different to his of course (you will hopefully see in my description of the extension that it works different and is - w.r.t. the save overlay - more complex). Thanks to him! :)

    So: The save overlay is first of all a combination of the following extensions:

    Save versus tags: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...232#post447232
    Advanced Effects (with incorporated keen extension): https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...finder-effects
    AoO tracker (with incorporated flatfooted on start): https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...tunity-tracker

    For a combination with StrainInjury, please look for a combined package here (second post): https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...njury-packages

    The reason why I've put also these extensions into it is simply due to arising incompatibilities and it would be now too complicated for me to offer again new packages (and probably confusing for users, too) :) But, when you don't want some of the other extensions, then please tell me and I will try to remove that :)

    This also means that you should not load one of the other mentioned extensions, they are included here :)

    Finally, what is this extension about in detail? As you can see in the picture there are now three overlays, similar to an ample system (Ken's extension only had the red and green one, I've added the yellow one).

    Green means that this target is not affected at all by that spell.
    (Either due to SIMMUNE (by my save versus tags extension) and/or due to a miss of the attack and/or due to a failed CLC and/or due to successful save when there is no half damage on successful saves.)

    Red means that that target is completely affected by the spell.
    (Due to missing SIMMUNE and due to a successful attack and due to a successful CLC and due to a failed save.)

    Yellow means that the target gets halved damage.
    (There was no SIMMUNE and a successful attack and a successful CLC and a successful save while there is half damage on a successful save.)

    So this extension makes sure that all information is taken into account and gives the correct overlay, i.e. I made sure that e.g. a failed save (red overlay) will not overwrite the green overlay of a failed CLC (if a CLC was involved) :)
    The overlays will be erased when the turn or round changes, but you also see a new button in the toolbar (similar to advanced Kombat of Ken L). This button simply also erases the save overlays and is only visible to the DM. You can use that button if the spell/action has to be redone. Due to my introduced hierarchy of the involved save overlays (green overwrites yellow overwrites red) a new spell action might not result into correct overlays when there are still overlays (especially the green one). Thus, press that button then before :)

    Known Glitch: There is also some little known glitch for which you need to press this button: When you close your campaign while there were still save overlays, especially the green and yellow ones, then this will be saved in the code but the overlays will not be shown when the campaign will be loaded again. This can result into that the overlays seemingly do not work anymore because the code e.g. thinks that there is still a green overlay which can not be overwritten by anything. Pressing on that new button or changing the turn or round will reset this and then it should work again :)
    I hope I will find out how to tell FG to reset save overlays after loading the campaign. Something similar can happen with all the over overlays, retyping the wound number in the CT then resets this (here the glitch for example happens when a token already has an overlay and is again then dragged&dropped from the CT to the map or another map)

    Have fun :)

    Customizing/Editing the overlays: By the way you can customize the overlays if you want (or completely remove some). Unzip the extension and go into graphics -> there are all the images. When you want to replace some image then make sure to name it in the same way as I named it and make sure that the size is at least 500 x 500 (and quadratic) :)
    When you re-zip the extension then do not re-zip the folder, re-zip from within the folder of the extension

    EDIT: Added death and wound overlays :) Also there is the glitch mentioned above but an update of the health status brings the overlays back (or retype your hit points/wounds)

    UPDATE: The spell/action overlays are now also respecting evasion, improved evasion and rolls for miss chances :)

    UPDATE2: Updated to 3.3.9, and lots of new features in the included extensions :)

    UPDATE3: tahl_liadon offered his icons, thank you very much! :) I replaced the KO, staggered and disabled overlays with his icons, they are more sensitive :) There is also now a separate second version where all icons are from tahl_liadon. The following image shows the standard icons:

    And here are the alternative ones:

    Using the editing as described above, you can mixture both versions :)

    UPDATE 4:
    There are now new settings: You can turn on/off the save and/or wound overlays; "off" is the default, and the settings are in their own tab, Overlays. Be aware of that changing that setting in the mid of a session/combat might lead to that some overlays "freeze" or are not added, a change of the settings does not update this; then click e.g. the clear save button of the image toolbar. Therefore there is now also a "clear wounds" button next to it which you can use to get rid of wound overlays when you want to turn off that option while the session is already running :) (you can also use that button to reset the wound overlays whenever you get the mentioned glitch above)

    PF1 users: See also post #2 about the CL effect.

    COPYRIGHT: Dead/Dying overlay: Red Hook Studios. d20 in toolbar: Rafaël Massé. Remaining overlays: Public Domain (except the yellow save overlay, I edited the green one to make it yellow, therefore this overlay does not look so good as the other ones :D ). All icons have a separate version coming from tahl_liadon :) Thanks :)
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    And please tell me whether there are any errors. This merging of all other extensions is a bit tedious and I might have forgotten something in that process (hopefully not ).

    A word about the CL effect for the PF1 users: It won't update the concentration check, please use the COC effect separetely then I decided to do so because then it is for you easy to decide whether or not bonusses to CL and concentration stack by choosing bonus types in the COC effects Otherwise I would need to add some code which checks for all COC and CL effects, and which then checks the stacking, when you roll concentration (FG's code does not check stacking of different effects of course) (and another problem is that the concentration does not know about tags due to that it is not spell-specific. In that way the CL is always compatible with IFTAG)
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    You have been very busy lately!
    Great work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    You have been very busy lately!
    Great work.
    hehe, yes, had a lot of fun with that stuff


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    Important because I got some private messages about incompatibilities: This will not work in 3.3.7 For me that is easier to code everything already in 3.3.8, otherwise I would have to update that extension soon when 3.3.8 is released on the live servers (the same for my other extensions, but they might work still in 3.3.7).

    There is also an incompatibility with https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...Icon-extension. This effect icon extension of Markjan is rather old and it will not work in general in 3.3.8 (since the effect icon stuff changes in 3.3.8). So do not use my extension with that effect icon extension

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    By the way, this overlay stuff seems not be thaaat difficult. So, when you want other type of overlays, like for death, different types of status and so on (besides the effect icons), then tell me and maybe give me some image (with transparent background), I try to add that
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    Updated due to recent changes in advanced effects; I have also added death and wound overlays (the same graphics as in the advanced Kombat extension)

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    oh, actually I forgot to upload the new overlays, now they are there (hopefully)

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    New update due to a change for save versus tags; beware the major rewrite of it in https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...232#post447232

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    By the way you can customize the overlays if you want (or completely remove some). Unzip the extension and go into graphics -> token there are all the images. When you want to replace some image then make sure to name it in the same way as I named it and make sure that the size is at least 500 x 500 (and quadratic)

    When you re-zip the extension then do not re-zip the folder, re-zip from within the folder of the extension

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