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    Antimagic (at least a helping tool)

    Forge link: https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/2/view


    I attached some helping tool for situations with antimagic. This extension does not provide full automation, it still needs some setting up but once done it should be helpful, especially when there are a lot of magical effects and when the antimagic is "fastly" switching on and off (like in a fight against a beholder who closes and opens his big eye).

    How it works: The GM sees a new button at the upper left corner of the portraits in the CT which can pressed and has two states. The plus sign designates magic and the minus sign antimagic, i.e. the plus sign is the standard situation. There is also a global toggle for magic/antimagic at the upper left corner of the global visibility button at the top row of the CT See also the attached picture.

    However, you have to tell FG what magical bonusses have to be turned off by adding the string 'MAGIC' (case sensitive). Then these effects will be turned off when antimagic is on (i.e. the minus sign) and on again when antimagic is off That should be easy to set up.

    But there are probably also magical bonusses tracked in the character sheet which are not tracked as an effect. Avoiding a major rewrite of the code, the best way would be to track these bonusses and to subtract them as an effect and to add the string 'ANTI'. The string 'ANTI' behaves like 'MAGIC' but exactly opposite, so this effect is automatically turned on for antimagic situations and off for standard situations (magical ones). E.g. one player has a +2 bonus on saves then give him the effect 'SAVE: -2; ANTI' and turn it off when the current state is the standard one (or click a bit on the plus/minus button, the state will be then turned to the suitable one).
    Of course, one still has to calculate how much one has to subtract from the saves etc. as usual, but once set up they can be easily turned on and off with the new toggle Should be useful in fights against beholders Another disadvantage is the cluttering of the effect list. I would suggest to save these penalty effects in the action tab of the players/NSCs or in some dummy character to avoid that your players see these effects already in their action tab when you have prepared them

    It could have been better to automate the on/off switch avoiding the penalty effects but then I would have to change all corresponding codes like the ones for AC, attack, damage, saves and so on for telling FG what is a magical bonus and that it has to be ignored in antimagical situations. This is quite a lot since these magical effects are... everywhere Then it would be incompatible with probably most other extensions and hard to maintain. (But it is incompatible with Strain and Injury, maybe? Not really tested)

    Thence I hope that this solution is the best one, it still should make the procedure about antimagic faster although a bit of preparation is needed (since one has not to turn all magical effects on and off all the while individually, also since not all magical effects can simply be subtracted by a prepared penalty effect and since one does probably not know in the preparation which buffs the players will have and if buffs turn off by expiring then one would have to adjust the penalty normally and so on when using only penalties and not the extension. So I hope there is at least some very little use)



    PS: When one has some better graphics for that toggle which one is allowed to use, then I would be happy to know about
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    Seems like a very reasonable solution and like most extensions I use I will wonder how I ever got along without it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bidmaron View Post
    Seems like a very reasonable solution and like most extensions I use I will wonder how I ever got along without it.
    Thanks I am glad that it can be useful

    EDIT: I also updated the extension. There was some relict of coding which I didn't need at the end. I accidentally still have overwritten the Effect Manager file for 3.5e which made it incompatible with some extensions, but that is not needed anymore and now it should be no problem
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    Just made this compatible with 3.3.8, the icons of effects in 3.3.8 changed and I used one of them also for the antimagic toggle. Due to that change I had to change the size a bit and I also changed the icon itself (it is now some shield showing magic/antimagic and not a plus/minus sign anymore). I also rewrote the code in such a sense that it should be compatible to any other extension (hopefully).

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