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    I think this was asked, but does anyone have any adventures converted already that they would be willing to share?
    Or tokens, even...
    Either or any of this would be amazing!

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    I use FFG, old SWRPG/Saga (Wizards), and even the old SWd6 adventures. There is a TON of them out there, even entire campaign guides.

    A guy published an entire collection of Star Wars tokens (mostly clone wars era) in the reddit group r/swrpg search it for tokens, they are still published on his google drive from what I can see.

    I hope it's alright to link the reddit posts here for these tokens:

    There are several others, but that should get you started collecting those tokens

    This is a link to FFG and their free adventures. They are not d20, but are a great source of ideas:
    FFG Free Adventure Downloads
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    What my goals were:
    1) Make sure it works with equipped effects extension (this is for me, Vex, and Razzed after all and we all have it).
    2) Make sure people without equipped effects can use the data manually. (this was a freaking nightmare and took 100 of hours - had a known before I started I would have "let them eat" cake if they didn't have the extension)

    [Warning: If you remove something that is crosslinked that link is an ID in the DB which will be reused. That means it will point to garbage (a new empty item - or something that just filled up the ID that was deleted and reused) just FYI. For example, updating a power/effect for a spell requires you to delete the old one which will make any links to it garbage which must be replaced with the new link.]

    Here are some of the things I did:
    1) Made sure I defined all feature/feat/trait and items with power(spell)/custom effects where generically feasible (so many special case rules that I did very few as not many are generic).
    2) Crosslink all powers I created to their respective feature/feat/trait/item.
    3) Crosslink all feature/feat/item to the powers I made for them.
    4) Replaced most/all classes/backgrounds/tables with relevant links.
    5) Created missing data which was in text form - you can't choose text to be part of your abilities or action tab. This involved recreating A LOT of lists and a lot of data that was not there as linked data.

    This is a supplement to pico's current .mod on page 1. This new .mod is supplied in much the same way Aridhro's 5e Automatic Effect modules were, providing the name matches required for equipped effects to do its thing. Where you see more than one of something use the "SW5e Extras" version. Charwizard will pick up all the SW5e_Extra.mod first where overridden due to the alphabetical nature of how searches work.

    If you have equipped effects extension this will just automatically keep your action tab up to date as you equip/unequip or add features/feats/traits into your abilities tab or drop things into the CT. To get it to redo the actions tab you'd have to delete all the entries in it and re drop it into the CT.

    If you only want pieces of it - simply load - copy pieces you want to your local DB and unload. Presto done. But its designed as one solid piece and has NO GUARUNTEE of me EVER - as in EVER - maintaining it. I put this all in a data form that allowed me to be my true lazy DM self and use equipped effects with it - so build this .... monstrosity.

    All Power definitions I provide are only suggestions and likely have to be modified before actual use based on description - think of them as head starts you can optionally use, redefine, or delete and do your own thing.

    I provide the campaign I used to create it which had SW5e.Player.Book-3.0.10.mod (pico's page 1 mod) and my SW5e_Extras.mod (supplement to pico's for equipped effects and full linkable data). I have no plans to keep up to date with the constant changes of SW5e pdf's and will be using this as is for my games. I will provide the campaign I used to create it you can modify your own version. IF you replace a power - YOU WILL BREAK one or more LINKS (spells/feats/backgrounds/tables). BEWARE. If you change them in your PC sheet - you will break nothing. As so many power/effect are super specialized I did not provide many - but there is going to be an action tab entry for everything relevant in the abilities tab (and if you have the first link display option set on equipped effects you will see the link expanded into text so you don't have to click it). In any case, this was a royal pain that I would not have done had I known the amount of work it involved.


    [Replaced with this ]
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    This is amazing work!

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    Already updated, made forcecasting a power with prep daily 4 - this will be where the force points are maintained for me.
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    That is awesome SilentRuin!

    Coding for automated FG behaviors is VERY time consuming. But, it's also why no other VTT even holds a candle to FG in my opinion.

    Thanks for doing this. I'm barely nearing the end of the nearly 400 spells. This should make everyone who really uses FG combat tracker features very happy.

    edit: Oh, very nice, you even link back to my module for some of the equipment and item effects I had already done. This is sweet!
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    My FG implementation of SW5e: ruleset and module

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    It's a supplemental .mod not a stand alone. Though as I stated earlier - you could easily combine them into one mod. Right now I've only overridden what I had to. And only the classes are left to finish - though if you want to only use berserker and consular class types your good to go Though all the old ones are still there - they just don't have any feature power defintions or defining of any text lists into linkable data.
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    Backgrounds and tables all fixed.
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