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    Combat Groups Extension (Fantasy Grounds Unity 5E Ruleset)

    Now in Forge. Old DMsG version will be maintained though is no longer for sale there.

    Combat Groups Extension (Fantasy Grounds Unity 5E Ruleset)


    This stand-alone extension for Fantasy Grounds allows you to create and preload multiple NPC groups, then activate them with one click as your players explore a dungeon.

    This extension unlocks the following functions:

    • Preload multiple NPC groups on a battlemap, but keep them off the Combat Tracker,
    • Make the groups visible to your players with a single click as they explore your dungeon,
    • Add and remove entire groups from the combat tracker with one button click,
    • A “friends” button extends this functionality to friendly & neutral NPCs as well!
    • Preemptively buff NPCs before they are encountered,

    Setting up an ambush has never been easier!

    Using the combat tracker menu button to remove things from CT is going to wipe out ALL the entries in the CT including ones not displayed via combat groups. Great way to lose all your setup work. Never use these menu options unless your cleaning out everything to replace with encounters and re-adding to groups (which I sometimes do and why the default menu behavior has not been changed). Use the "Delete From CT" button to remove CT entries from that group ONLY - the CT menu options should be avoided.

    There is not a good way to handle map targeting buttons so they will ignore auto targeting of any groups that are not visible. They will not ignore any display only faction requirements so players could target things not showing in their CT potentially (FGU provides no way to determine if something is LOS/lighting visible to the active token in the code available to extensions). This was the best compromise to get the most things working as they should but can still get you targeting more or less than you want in some cases. If the CT entry is visible on the host CT (and not set to invisible in CT) you can target it. That is the hard fast rule to go by.

    Make sure that maps you plan to have group tokens on are read/write accessible.


    [See .txt file for early updates and features]

    V1.19 - Feature - added new option "Players only see same Group" defaulted to "off". If set to on then all player's combat trackers will only be able to see the same combat group for their active identity (who they are playing as in combat tracker). This requires you to be logged into host with an active PC in combat tracker already to find the active combat group to filter the combat tracker with. If the host changes the option or any CT entry combat group the filter for that player will be triggered to redisplay their combat tracker with only matching combat group entries. This allows you to split the players into different combat groups (or with Assistant GM different NPCs) and battle each other where they can only see other tokens in the map if LOS/visibility allows them to. They will not see them in CT (just like if you had manually turned off visibility of NPCs in host - only it applies to everything based on combat group setting). As in everything I do, this is just a tool - use it in whatever way you like - or not.

    V1.20 - Feature - added new option "Display Owned NPC Reach (Re-Open host map)" defaulted to "off". If set this will allow the players to ALL see any owned NPCs reach by hovering over the map token. This will occur whether they personally own the NPC or not, as long as it is visible on the map and owned by someone. Also (no option for this), if a CT entry has an empty faction it will have its own active token color when the map token is selected instead of defaulting to the neutral faction color.

    V1.21 - Feature - added new options "Highlight token for Old Eyes (on turn)" defaulted to "off" and "Select Owners Token (on turn)" defaulted to "off". Needless to say, I have "old eyes" and when it's a token's turn (as host or client) I want to see a BIG GIANT CLUE of which is the active token. I've accomplished this by simply adding an overlay of the usually calculated nSpace which is a BIG box around the token so old folks like me can spot it easily in giant crowded maps. This will be the faction color, or neon orange, green, or magenta no matter what the faction. Switching the option gives an instantaneous colored overlay - or removes it if off. I also tire of having to click a token (as host or client) to get it to be selected when that token's turn comes up. I can't count how many times the wrong target is chosen by me or my players. When a token enters its turn it will ONLY be auto selected on host map if nobody owns the CT entry for it. When a token enters its turn it will ONLY be auto selected on a client map if they own the CT entry for it. A host and clients token selections are independent of each other.

    V1.22 - Bug - addUnderlay call was not being prevented from being called in client - should have been host only. Fixed. This would generate a harmless error (as host already did the work) anytime you have a client up with a token in a map that had been turned off for "old eyes" option. Would happen coming up in client app or when "old eyes" option was turned off or left off.

    V1.23 - Fix - Discovered that a backspace and delete key will trigger the field to process before its ready - I'm pursuing why this is with FG in forum question - but in meantime I'm supplying a workaround to insure the combat group name edit field can handle backspace and delete keys without losing their place. It will still process the field as I can't prevent that as long as FG treats as backspace/del key as if it was a change of focus (process the field indicator). Gist is you can use backspace to delete text in this field with this workaround.

    V1.24 - Fix - CoreRPG ruleset code was updated for a fix in CT faction drag and drop and my override that implements marching order needs to have the same changes in it. Fixed.

    V1.25 - Fix - Messages to players will be hidden when a target is not visible in their CT. But with combat groups this should only be happening when the tokenvis flag is actually indicating it is really not visible on the map (as we hide things in CT that are visible on map in Combat Groups). This will now send the player a HIT/MISS/etc. message when they own the CT entry that is doing the action while the target is visible on the map (not simply hidden in CT). Fixed.

    V1.26 - Feature - added combat group option "Set Groups with Common Initiative (menu rolls only)" defaulted to "off". If set to "on" then all members of the same combat group will have the same initiative when the CT menu is used to roll them. This was because in massive combat where my players controlled multiple PCs/NPCs they wanted to run their turns for their "teams" all at once. We never did that - but now we can if the DM (me) chooses to allow it.

    V1.27 - Feature - when the options "Players only see same Friend/Foe" or "Players only see same Group" are on the chat window will only show the turn message on the host unless the client owns the CT entry that is getting the turn. The FGU ring bell on turn option will also now ring if the client owns the CT entry that is getting the turn.

    V1.28 - Feature - new option "No Map Toolbar Target or Select for Players (Re-Open Player map)" defaulted to "off". Because map toolbar target and select icons can allow discovery of hidden tokens this option is provided to prevent players from having those toolbar options on the map. The map must be closed and re-opened for the option setting to take effect.

    V1.29 - Bug - token name was not being updated correctly and could wipe out other modifications. Fixed.

    V1.30 - Feature - now supporting holding down SHIFT on the combat groups visibility button which will force all but the active combat group to go invisible and holding down CTRL on combat groups visibility button which will force all but the active combat group to go visible. Active group will toggle as normal regardless.

    V1.31 - FGU changes - Latest FGU update required changes.

    V1.32 - Update - Support for Sir Motte's theme.

    Grim Press overview video from DMsG.

    Grim Press will be handling the sales and promotion of this extension.
    If you'd like to engage with us, please feel free to join the Grim Press discord: https://discord.gg/N7MM93a

    And a video for my own entertainment...

    Extensions = RISK: This note is added to all the extensions I maintain. I want users to understand that extensions are code that is added to or overrides portions of code in the Fantasy Grounds Unity (FGU) application. When the underlying code in FGU changes it can break an extension. When you run with other extensions they can conflict by trying to overwrite the same parts of the FGU code. I will keep my extensions working with FGU changes, and the extensions I use (listed in my FGU signature) as I have direct control over those things. I cannot make the same promise with other extensions. If I am notified of an incompatibility I will attempt to resolve it - but if I cannot I will list what the known extension incompatibilities are. Understand before you get any extensions that it comes with RISK. Not just my extensions - any extension.

    Included is detailed text used for describing this extension - has a lot of details but really provided for reference if needed.
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    This looks so cool.. I hope things get sorted out soon !

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    For when it gets a home and for the few who bought and can still download it.

    V1.2 - added combat groups only token vis eye button.
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    Nice! so you can reveal all the Enemies NPCs with one button click if there in the Combat Tracker ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaughnlannister View Post
    Nice! so you can reveal all the Enemies NPCs with one button click if there in the Combat Tracker ?
    As in this included image you can see the new "eye" icon on top left above the global visibility eye icon you are familiar with in CT. The normal CT eye icon will change everything in the CT DB (just like menu options will) regardless of if its visible in CT window list view. The new eye icon will just apply to the active selected group - whether you have it visible in the view or not.

    Confusing right? Really its super simple. Click button visibility and only CT entries in selected group will change. This allows you to set up all your groups with the visibility you want - then if you have to bring them up and guarantee players don't see what your view shows (you know normal CT behavior) you can set them all to invisible before you hit my new group Visible button - so you can work on them (maybe place them in maps if not preplaced) with out players seeing them in CT.

    Before I did this new eye icon option all you had to set visibility was the global set them all one way or the other and manually setting them individually - which was a pain when I wanted to set only a group's visibility - hence - this new version.

    Granted its just for me - and the couple people who bought it before it was shut down - but eventually it will have a home and I'll still be working on it as necessary before and after it does. (probably should have made a specific image to show the new eye icon button but really its the one above the normal one on the upper left of CT)
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    Awesome.. I need this extension XD ... but my next game won't be ti'll 15th of December.. so hopefully DMSguild will get sorted out by then..

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    I only heard about your extension, SilentRuin, after MadNomad pinged everybody on his Discord server, warning of the DMs Guild issue. Well, can't wait to see it anywhere else... Will you give us a heads up on this topic when it's up and running?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pablomaz View Post
    I only heard about your extension, SilentRuin, after MadNomad pinged everybody on his Discord server, warning of the DMs Guild issue. Well, can't wait to see it anywhere else... Will you give us a heads up on this topic when it's up and running?
    As Soon as I know where its going I'll post it in here. I'll be shocked if I don't know something by the end of next week. For sure I seem to be the one who got caught "in between" battling giants of WOTC/DMsG/FG - I'm just a small fry so will have to wait with everyone else to find out.
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    Pre game setup for myself I noticed that the new visible eye icon was not really recognizable nor was it working when group was not visible. Fixed.

    V1.3 - Fixed Visible group eye icon button to be more recognizable and to allow setting active group when group is not visible.
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    Hey, in the vid, it was mentioned that its a quite light running extension and not very taxing on the PC.. would you agree with them on that?
    I notice if I run to many extension it lags.. FGs, probably due to that I'm not running a high end machine.. so I've got to be careful which extensions I run.

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