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    Death Indicator Ex v4.5 extension for 5e Fantasy Grounds Unity

    Death Indicator Ex v4.5 extension for 5e Fantasy Grounds Unity (also in the Forge now)

    V 4.9 - This version has multiple fixes in it. The NPC xml header sheet is shared by more than just CT tracker - because this interface was not handling that it would cause custom NPC's to create a deathmanager entry in db.xml that would never be deleted and also because it changed the tokenfield to a tokencontrol it had to manage the creation of the token tag itself - which for custom NPC's it was not doing causing that tag to be missing in custom tokens. It also was failing to delete normal CT entries in deathmanager tag because it was trying to use DB.deleteChild with one argument instead of DB.deleteNode. All of this contributed to the seemingly random bogus token replacement in combat tracker and also the missing token data in custom NPCs. Now it will never try to update a custom NPC in the deathmanager tag and will properly cleanup deathmanager tag for CT entries that have manually had their tokens changed at some point. Safest to make sure you have no active death indicators in CT and delete the deathmanager tag entirely as described somewhere later in this thread - as this fix cannot fix any previous bad data in there. Gist being, beginning to regret volunteering to manage this thing. But as I need it - I will continue to do so.

    V 4.10 - Fixed problem where NPCs were doing death saving throws when they were not configured as "important". This was caused by the db.xml deathsavefail being checked without first checking important_npc. Now it will check the DB important_npc flag first before checking if it needs to do a death saving throw.

    V 4.10.4 - modified by EllivasKram for use with MadNoMad's "Character Sheet Tweaks v1.2" update.

    V 4.11 - turns out FGU does not handle triple version numbers very well - so just renaming the version - no changes.

    V 4.13 - called the appropriate function to match death indicator to exact image size (basically the range) for the given token. Then I take 0.7 of that size and use that for death indicator size.

    V 4.14 - made the option for auto death rolls for NPCs when set to "on" to actually work. Never did before.

    V 4.15 - Made sure that only unconscious effect of duration = 0 will be removed by HP death logic. This was to compensate for Sleep spell using unconscious duration = 10 being removed. In 5E though there are many places where logic will remove this in death save logic. Nothing I can do about that.

    V4.16 - Made another switch on how the sizing of tokens and blood splats is handled - back to getSize() and a 2.25 modification. Still not sure how the scaling should be done between token and widget should be done but will try to ask.

    V4.17 - Removed some annoying unnecessary debug statements.

    V4.18 - Fix to NPC important rolls per miked2681 post

    V4.19 - FGU update required extension code to change.

    V4.20 - During FGU update got bad code that caused death saves not to be checked off. Fixed.

    V4.21 - Added doubleclick on client (player) CT token entry to bring up the map and center on second doubleclick if it was not up - just like in host CT. Will only work if the CT entry is owned by the player.

    V4.22 - Bug - fixed checks for "ct" and "pc" sheets to be properly done. Was causing error in another extension.

    V4.23 - Feature - Added more doubleclick logic on client (player) CT token entry to also select the token and clear select on the others. As my players can get in a state where they cannot see other owned tokens on the map - this lets them double click on CT token entry to be able to see it again.

    Warning on this interface in case anyone else suffers from this - likely not or I'd have heard of it before but I'm mentioning it anyway - in this thread issue I had:
    Ye be warned.

    I have contacted, via PM, and obtained permission from the original author celestian and the modification author Valerian Stormbreaker to make this modified version based on this old classic version Death Indicator Ext. EllivasKram has also had a hand in the coding by modifying it for use with MadNoMad's "Character Sheet Tweaks v1.2" update.

    The Extension:

    This extension is a "use at your own risk" modification solely tested in 5e Fantasy Grounds Unity.

    - [THIS HAS BEEN COMPLETELY REMOVED IN 4.8] Made COMBAT_DEATH_IMMUNE option to default to off. There is no case where I ever want something to not "die" at 0 hit points. All the immune from unconscious effect means to me is that you can never go unconscious, not that you never disappear from combat tracker (or in my world get a tombstone at 0 hit points). I can never see having this on - which was the default. Now the default is off.

    - Icons for blood (dying) and tombstones (dead) already existed. I added one for stable. It's a band-aid icon that will appear when the stable effect occurs on a dying player which makes the death saving throws no longer necessary. Band-aid icon will only update when turn executes death save.

    - Made the combat tracker skip any PC/NPC that is 0 hit points or unconscious. It will automatically make the saving throws for the dying (blood spatter) character (or special NPC) until they are stable (bandaid) or dead (tombstone).

    - Removed button_tokens_host, button_tokens_shared, button_tokens_module references from utility_tokenbag.lua because they were null and causing error every time extension came up in Fantasy Grounds Unity.

    - Made minor FGU compatibility changes.

    - Made numerous changes so that all operations in combat tracker keep the unconscious (dying/stable/dead) states automatically updated no matter what is manually done. We kept having the usual mistakes in damage etc. that needed correcting - I wanted the death indicator stuff to instantly respect when this happened.

    - Changed Death Indicator version to 4.5 and added some comments indicating it was modified.

    - Made some console messages that specifically point out when a token in combat tracker is erring because the module was unloaded (likely). Yeah, that really happened to me.

    The description and documents for this extension can be found in the original classic version of Death Indicator Ext. Having said that, I'm a lazy DM. I only modified the parts that impacted me. Basically I want to have blood spatter appear when PC is dying (or specially configured NPCs), a bandaid appear when they are stable, and a tombstone to appear when they are dead. All tied to the most minuscule change in combat tracker sheets instantly. This means I just see it happen along with the players without having to weed through the list of combat tracker effects, or whip out my microscopic lens and figure out what tiny icon is in the character icon, or mousing over them for the tool-tip to tell me. I see it at a glance of the map. So if you are dead lazy and have poor eyesight like me - this extension is for you.

    Only tested in Fantasy Grounds Unity for D&D 5e (which requires CoreRPG) ruleset.

    This is an "as is" sharing of code with the possibility (not the promise) that I will update it as I modify it for my own uses, or because FGU breaks me down the line sometime.

    As this was the first extension I've ever modified, first time I've programmed in LUA, first time done anything in Fantasy Grounds (in this case only Unity)...

    Use at your own risk, no guarantees they work with other extensions

    Drop these files where ever your Fantasy Grounds Unity extensions (the .ext file) and modules (the .mod file) are stored.

    Extensions = RISK: This note is added to all the extensions I maintain. I want users to understand that extensions are code that is added to or overrides portions of code in the Fantasy Grounds Unity (FGU) application. When the underlying code in FGU changes it can break an extension. When you run with other extensions they can conflict by trying to overwrite the same parts of the FGU code. I will keep my extensions working with FGU changes, and the extensions I use (listed in my FGU signature) as I have direct control over those things. I cannot make the same promise with other extensions. If I am notified of an incompatibility I will attempt to resolve it - but if I cannot I will list what the known extension incompatibilities are. Understand before you get any extensions that it comes with RISK. Not just my extensions - any extension.
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    Good job ! Will test compatibilities ect and let you know about any conflicts I find.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaughnlannister View Post
    Good job ! Will test compatibilities ect and let you know about any conflicts I find.
    Did it ever work?
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    Hey man loving this extension !, I finally got to try it out and it works great! I am running quite a few extensions and haven't found any conflicts with any of them.

    Although it wasn't interfering with the extension working, I couldn't find the death.indicator.module when looking in Library-->modules, even though I placed in the module folder.

    Fantastic can't wait to try this out during next week play!!!

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    Hey found that the tomb stones module got automatically loaded into my assets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaughnlannister View Post
    Hey found that the tomb stones module got automatically loaded into my assets.
    Thanks for checking that out!

    Got another extension I just posted if you feel in a testing adventurous mood
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    Is this extension compatibile with 5e Enhancer?

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    I tested it with the 5e sub-enhancer extensions. I only disabled the 5e-enhancer wound sub-enhancer extension and it was working for me.

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    Looking great so far! Thanks for the useful extension!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlennCauthon View Post
    Looking great so far! Thanks for the useful extension!
    Thank the original authors I mention in the first post - I just tweaked it to what I wanted it to do.
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