Deadlands Noir - The Case of the Jumbo Shrimp

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Savage Worlds Adventure for Fantasy Grounds

A missing person�s case turns into a diabolical tale of greed, murder, magic, and mayhem in the ever-mysterious Crescent City. This time the gumshoes are in it deep, crossing paths with the Black Hand, corrupt politicians (are there any other kind?), and secrets as old as the Big Easy itself.

This module was converted directly from the full-length 46 page adventure and features plenty of action and investigation for Deadlands Noir. It was written by Jason �Murderin�� Mical and John �Prawn Finger� Goff.

Requires: A Fantasy Grounds full or ultimate license, the Savage Worlds Ruleset and the Deadlands Noir Setting for Fantasy Grounds

Fantasy Grounds Conversion: Ben Turner

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Released on August 26, 2014

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.0.10 and higher.