Clockwork Dreams Intro Pack
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Clockwork Dreams Intro Pack

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Your adventurers open their eyes and find themselves strewn around a smoke-filled clearing surrounded by trees. As they struggle to their feet under a heavy sensation of vertigo, each of them realizes they have no recollection where they are or how they got here. They remember their own names, and they remember each other and past adventures they’ve had together, their own histories, even what happened yesterday – but their short-term memory is totally inaccessible.

Um, What Did I Just Drink?

One day, an envelope finds its way to one of your adventurers. It seems that Uncle Erwin has passed away, and his last will and testament bequeaths everything to that character. An address is listed in the will, some street in Thistledown County (Verna), not too far from Hawthorne. The will states, All the accumulation of my worldly goods and accomplishments are under that roof. May they see you to better times.

Mind the Gap

It seemed a nice enough day when your adventurers boarded the Tube in the Idlewyld region of Torridaen. Perhaps they’re returning from a well-earned vacation to the copper dust beaches, or just on their way to it. Maybe they’re there on some business. The sounds of shouting interrupt their otherwise pleasant ride, coming from the next car over. No usher is in sight yet, and passengers in your adventurers’ car begin to exchange nervous glances. Your adventurers overhear bits and pieces of an agitated male voice saying, “Stop them from... you don’t understand how close... keep it super-heated... going to die!”

Stealing Time

“Hold there! This is our road you gents are usin’, and we require a... modest toll for passage. Wages for our constant vigilance and upkeep of the area, you understand.” On their way to (or from) Lothengard one night, your adventurers suddenly find themselves surrounded by a band of highwaymen.

The Grand Derby

There are two phases to this scenario, the building of the krank and the Derby itself. There are endless permutations of designs, so your adventurers’ options are wide open. Technomagical weaponry and gadgets are not only permitted to be built into the kranks, but encouraged. The crowd loves a good show. There are no size restrictions, so many competitor’s designs have been getting progressively larger over the years.

A copy of Savage Suzerain is required to use some parts of this product.

Conversion by: Jeannette Jarrar

Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Full or Ultimate license and a one time purchase of the Savage Worlds ruleset.

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Released on April 11, 2018

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.4 and higher.



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