Trail of the Apprentice: The Wizard's Dungeon

Trail of the Apprentice: The Wizard's Dungeon

Dungeons, Dragons, and Death Await!

Armed with knowledge of a villainous wizard�s plans, a party of heroes must venture into the dreaded Shadescar Rift, a deep cave that leads into the dark tunnels beneath the earth. Legends say that it was created by the claw of some terrible beast. Locals stay well clear of the rift and claim it is the home of nightmare creatures that prey on the unwary. But only by braving such dangers can the PCs hope to stop their mysterious enemy. If they fail, he will unleash a great and terrible power upon the world.

The Wizard�s Dungeon is an adventure for 5th-level characters. It is part one of Trail of the Apprentice, a full campaign made up of 5 interconnected adventure modules for the 5th Edition of the world's most famous roleplaying game. The Trail of the Apprentice saga and all adventures in the the Legendary Beginnings line from Legendary Games are designed as exciting adventures suitable for all ages, but specially designed for those new to roleplaying and those on the younger side. Pick up this adventure today and Make Your Game Legendary!

The adventure includes:

  • Adventure
  • DM maps with pins
  • Unkeyed player-friendly maps
  • 23 pieces of artwork and maps

Conversion by: Zacchaeus

Some content copyright (c) 2016 Legendary Games, LLC

Requires: A Fantasy Grounds full or ultimate license or an active subscription and the included 5E ruleset.

Fantasy Grounds is a trademark of SmiteWorks USA LLC. (C) 2016 SmiteWorks USA LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Released on October 27, 2016

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.1.7 and higher.

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