Beasts of Legend Coldwood Codex (5th Edition)

Beasts of Legend Coldwood Codex (5th Edition)

A fantastical 5E bestiary of fey and undead!

A good game can never have enough monsters, and the Coldwood Codex brings you 10 brand-new creatures suitable for use in any 5th Edition campaign, especially if your heroes are wandering in search of their fortune through the cold, desolate woods of the northern wilds. These creatures add a delightful bit of novel menace equally split between fey spirits bursting with the raw and wild energies of life and vile undead seething with the power of death. Drawing upon real-world folklore, classic fantasy tropes, and the design skills of the top creative minds in the business, the Coldwood Codex is an indispensable addition to any GM's monster toolkit.

Requires: 5E ruleset

Conversion by: Zacchaeus

Released on December 08, 2015

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.1.5 and higher.

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