Arcadia Issue 005

Arcadia Issue 005
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Arcadia Issue 005 - June 2021

Welcome to ARCADIA ! Inspired by old-school tabletop magazines, ARCADIA is MCDM's digital magazine for 5th edition GMs and players. We hope you like it!

Leon Barillaro is back with a new devious article simply titled, " Long-Term Curses ". These magical torments can't be undone by a simple remove curse spell. Your character must break a curse by adventuring if they find themselves predicting a future no one believes, constantly followed by ravens, or turning into a puddle of slime. Gustavo Pelissari drew the unique art for this article.

Unleash your greed with Carlos Cisco's " Goldmonger Subclasses ". The Avarice Domain cleric, the Circle of the Gilded druid, and the Oath of Acquisitions paladin each allow players to embrace their love of treasure without shame (not that they had any to begin with). These adventurers aren't evil! They make magnificent party members because they always find, and almost always share, the wealth. Plus, this article includes an NPC and three retainers based on the subclasses. MCDM's art outsource manager and in-house artist, Nick De Spain, drew these greedy heroes.

Finally, Sam Mannell brings you nine new spells from across the Timescape in " Alabaster's Almanac ". These spells vary from low-level and functional, like Alabaster's adjacent acquisition, to supremely powerful and reality bending, like realize image. Plus, Alabaster's adaptation for the World Below lets you sweat acid! Linda Lith?n and MCDM's in-house artist, Grace Cheung, contributed art to this article.

Adapted for Fantasy Grounds by: George Taray, and Shane Parker

Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Unity license and the 5E Compatible ruleset. Compatible with Fantasy Grounds Unity

Screenshots may differ from what you see in-game based on the extension and ruleset you have loaded.

Owned by MCDM Productions, LLC. Copyright (C) 2022. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

Released on September 27, 2022

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 4.3.1 and higher.

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