RMC: Shadow World: Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn

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Rolemaster Classic


Shadow World: Tales from the Green Gryphon Inn

A Rolemaster Classic library module for Fantasy Grounds

Terry Amthor brings you a brand-new adventure module for Shadow World. Set in northern Rhakhaan on the continent of Jaiman, this module includes:

  • Nine complete adventures, plus several adventure seeds
  • Complete plans of the Green Gryphon Inn, along with profiles of the eccentric staff
  • Complete stats for major NPCs in Rolemaster Classic format
  • Charts for area encounters, pricing charts for food and lodging. Information about the Kingdom Highway crossroads
  • Powers of the ancient Gryphon Bridge, built by the mythical Earthwardens
  • Layout of the town of Gryphonburgh, including important locations

Requirements: Full or Ultimate License of Fantasy Grounds and the Rolemaster Classic ruleset (version 1.51 or higher).

Conversion by: Jokomotion

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Released on July 24, 2015

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.1.2 and higher.