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Dun Cru

A Rolemaster Classic adventure module for Fantasy Grounds

Deep within the Dark Woods of the kingdom of Archendurn is a ruined fortress, D�n Cr�. Rumors say that it has become the lair of bandits or evil goblins. Legends say that it is haunted by the spirits of its garrison. Are you brave enough to seek answers to the mysteries of D�n Cr�?

D�n Cr� is a complete adventure module for Rolemaster (both RMSS/FRP and RM Classic) and HARP. Designed for parties of 4th to 6th-level characters, encounters can be scaled upwards or downwards to suit the GM's needs. D�n Cr� is a sequel to the City of Archendurn setting module, but may be used in almost any fantasy setting.

Requirements: Full or Ultimate License of Fantasy Grounds and the Rolemaster Classic ruleset (version 1.51 or higher).

Conversion by: Jokomotion

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Released on October 29, 2015

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.1.2 and higher.