Fantasy Grounds Unity Art Subscription

Gain access to a wide range of art while you maintain your subscription.

The art subscription is a way to access a bunch of custom SmiteWorks art for a low monthly cost. You gain access to anything that has previously been released for the subscription as well as new items released into the sub. See below for a full list of art assets.

If you don't like subscriptions, you can choose to buy products individually from the list below.

The sub will provide more content overall at a cheaper price. Since more assets will continually be added to the subscription, the value will continue to increase.

No. The art will only be active on your account for as long as you maintain your subscription. It terminates immediately upon termination of your subscription. If you choose to cancel your subscription, you can always re-subscribe at a later date, run and update and resume where you left off.

Fantasy Ground Unity will remember what assets you are trying to use, but they won't display. Instead, they will display as red question marks since the assets will no longer be on your account. You would have to renew your subscription and run an update to re-activate them.

We will be adding a new pack every month. Those products will be available for individual purchase for people who prefer to buy them directly instead of through the art subscription.

Installation is as easy as entering your username and password in your Settings and running an Update. All art packs will install into your personal vault folder and you can access them within your Fantasy Grounds Unity campaigns from within the Assets window. Look under Assets > Images for folders with an FG prefix.

Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Unity Standard or Ultimate license.

Subscribe for $5 / month or $50 / year

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Bundle Contents

2024-03 Releases

2024-02 Releases

2024-01 Releases

2023-12 Releases

2023-11 Releases

2023-10 Releases

2023-09 Releases

2023-08 Releases

2023-07 Releases

2023-06 Releases

2023-05 Releases

2023-04 Releases

2023-03 Releases

2023-02 Releases

2023-01 Releases

2022-12 Releases

2022-11 Releases

2022-10 Releases

2022-09 Releases

2022-08 Releases

2022-07 Releases

2022-06 Releases

2022-05 Releases

2022-04 Releases

2022-03 Releases

2022-02 Releases

2022-01 Releases

2021-12 Releases

2021-11 Releases

2021-10 Releases

2021-09 Releases

2021-08 Releases

2021-07 Releases

2021-06 Releases

2021-05 Releases

2021-04 Releases

2021-03 Releases

2021-02 Releases

2021-01 Releases

2020-12 Subscription Base Pack

Total Value: 815.19