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    Fate Core - Fate Dice Broken

    Hello, hopefully this is the right place to do this as I couldn't really identify anywhere else to put this bug.

    Summary: Ever since the last update (or at least, the issue began at some point after I updated), the Fate dice in the Fate Core ruleset have been broken. You can pick them up and roll them, but they will not log themselves in the chat window UNLESS you roll all positives, no matter whether you do it inside the chat box, outside, or through the dice tower. Other dice types work as they should, it is ONLY the Fate dice. Interestingly (though I'm not sure if this was already the case, as I had never checked), if you attempt to roll a Fate die in another ruleset, it gives a result, but it just defaults to the amount of dice you rolled (2dF results in 2, 4dF results in 4, etc.). My players reported the same issue.

    Ruleset(s): Fate Core

    Extensions/Themes: None, problem persists even on fresh campaigns with no extensions or themes

    Modules Loaded: None

    Operating System / Language Setting: Windows 11 / Default English keyboard.

    Steps to Reproduce: On the latest version, simply roll any amount of Fate dice however you like. If you get all positives, it will log in chat, so roll again if this is the case.

    I've tried restarting FGU, and I'm certain I'm on the latest update (no red ring around the update button). I've attached logs, but the console says nothing about this. No changes stick out in my mind as having been able to cause this besides the recent update. Also, I'm running this server via the cloud option, if that matters for whatever reason. Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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    It's Fate!

    Sorry, couldn't resist. The last update had some changes to the die code, sounds like something was missed. A dev should see this tomorrow and let you know, they might already know about this and be working on it.

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    Ah, great! I await more information - this bug made today's session a lot more difficult to play, as you can probably imagine.

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    Thanks for the logs. It verified what I thought the issue was. Working on a fix.


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    This should be fixed with v4.1.16 of the FG client I released tonight.


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    Confirmed, I updated and it now works just fine. Thank you!

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