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    Freezing Every 2 Seconds

    Any idea what might be causing FGU to freeze for 0.25 seconds every 2 seconds? It feels very regular and repetitive... every 2 seconds without fail.

    It was happening with tons of extensions loaded, but is also happening with zero extensions loaded. It started sometime after 4.1.6 was released.

    It only happens with a map open with lighting enabled (regardless of extensions).

    Relatively capable machine (10th gen 8-core i7 - 64gb DDR4 - RTX2080 Super drivers fully updated - NVME drive, Windows 10 fully updated, 400mbps down, 35 up) Task Manager shows nothing is taxed ever.

    Additionally, FGU seems to turn ambient lighting back on for every map that I turn it off for after restarting the application without fail.

    This seems to happen consistently across 5e official maps, and did not happen previously. I don't know if it was 4.1.6 or 4.1.7...

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    Do you have FX on the map?

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    Yes. A few layers of "water"/"ocean" and some "mist"/"clouds" on some. It was running perfectly until recently though.

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    Can you provide a copy of the campaign folder that you are seeing this in, as well as details of which map? We would like to be able to recreate the issue locally to investigate.


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    Here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rlq48gtmye...82%29.zip?dl=0

    Maps I've been noticing this on recently:

    Map - The Black Geode
    Map - Fane of the Eye
    Map - The Weeping Colossus

    I know there are a lot of lights on the maps, but the problem seems to exist independent of the number.

    If I disable all the lights at the layer level so none are showing, the problem persists. Turning off lighting altogether fixes it.

    Turning off FX layers didn't seem to make a difference.

    Separate of the lag issue, every map turns ambient lighting on whenever I reload the campaign.

    I'm happy to answer any other questions.

    Thanks for your help!



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    Hello! I tried to run a game tonight and all 5 of my players had lag and latency issues. We played the same campaign and maps two weeks ago and didn't have any freezing or lag issues. Yes, my map also had lighting and fog effects enabled, but even after closing the map and / or removing the effects, my players still experienced continual lag / freezing.

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    I've forwarded to our image feature developer to look at the original post.

    We are aware of some performance issues with the most recent patch that we are working on narrowing down, since it appears to be an issue related to some infrastructure changes for future releases. We should have a patch release this week to help, and narrow down further if needed.


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    FGU v4.1.8 was pushed last night with some specific fixes for performance on maps, including planned token movement. If anybody is still having issues after updating, please make a new thread with a copy of your campaign folder and a note about which map is affected.


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