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    [Bug] STR effects taken twice into account for effects


    It looks like that with the rewrite of the damage script that for example STR effects are taken twice into account if doing a crit, resulting into that crits do more damage than they should (thanks to the report of Kath on Discord)

    1. Give a character an STR: 4 effect for example
    2. Roll damage with a weapon using STR as damage modifier, observe additional +2 as expected
    3. Now roll a crit instead. The effect should usually add a +4 (the +2 times 2), if having a crit multiplier of x2. However, the bonus will be instead +8. Observe that the critical and the normal weapon damage die has the expected +4 Instead it should be +2 for the normal and crit die separately (adding totally to the expected +4 then)

    Best wishes


    PS: Without extensions tested
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