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    Question about /vote

    How do you know which check box belongs to which player when using a vote? I have used this on a few occasions and when I did it the other day it just drew the circles but it didn't tell me which circle corresponded to which player. Also unrelated but something I have never been able to figure out. What determines the order of the players in the upper right hand portion of the screen?

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    No, it was designed to be an anonymous vote when it was created. I know there is at least one extension floating around which does a named vote via a floating window; but not sure what the name of it is off the top of my head. Perhaps one of the other community members may remember.


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    Ok fine but shouldnt the GM know at least? I would like to use this for when my group takes a break and then comes back as a ready check but it doesn't help if I don't know who checked the box and who didn't.

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    Ready Check is what MW is referring to... the D&D Classics ruleset has it built in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Percias View Post
    Ok fine but shouldnt the GM know at least?
    If the GM knew, then it wouldn't be anonymous. That's the whole point of it - so the GM can ask questions as well. Look for the extension that's been mentioned, or use the vote and if there's someone who doesn't vote then look at the portrait of their PC - if there are is a "zzz" graphic on a PC then it's probably them.
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    If it is just about whether or not they are back at their computer, then maybe ask your players that they should right-click on their portrait above the chat and click AFK They can turn AFK off when they come back That is how I usually do this

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    Honestly i always forget the vote command. I usually just ask over voice "we ready" or "everyone back?".

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