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    Important Notice: New Product Support ending June 24, 2021 - Fantasy Grounds Classic

    Beginning on June 24, 2021, Fantasy Grounds Classic will no longer receive any product updates or DLC releases. Please consider upgrading to Fantasy Grounds Unity.

    Fantasy Grounds has been renamed to Fantasy Grounds Classic. This is the version of our software that began in 2004 and which received regular updates and DLC releases up until we stop providing them on June 24, 2021. All future updates and releases of the software will be done on Fantasy Grounds Unity and we hope to continue that for years or decades ahead.

    Fantasy Grounds Unity has pretty much all the same functionality as Classic, but with many notable improvements. It also provides a much better platform for us to build from. Supporting both versions with new releases means double the testing time, increased development costs, twice the server storage, and significant limitations on what we can do within new products. This additional time investment affects us and our community developers and it delays the releases of new products. Our usage data indicates that only a small percentage of our users continue to use Fantasy Ground Classic. By focusing on Fantasy Grounds Unity, we expect a better experience for the vast majority of our players and GMs.

    What about my current FG Classic Game?
    You can continue to use FG Classic for as long as you'd like. Our alias server will remain up and functioning and we will support this and customer support requests for the product. New installations will still be able to install all purchases as they are on 2021-06-24.

    If we add new functionality, fixes, or features to any rulesets you use beyond June 24, then you will not receive those updates. Your update button simply won't light up anymore.

    If we add new adventure modules or other DLC, those won't be available on FG Classic. They will only be added to Fantasy Grounds Unity.

    How can I upgrade to Fantasy Grounds Unity
    This will be a paid upgrade. At this time, there is no longer an upgrade discount.
    Your campaigns and creations can be copied over to FG Unity and you can resume play there. To upgrade, just login and add the FGU license to your cart and you see the discount applied in your shopping cart.

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    Link: Fantasy Grounds Unity System Requirements
    Link: Upgrading to Fantasy Grounds Unity?
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    thanks god, I am happy. More resources for FGU. I appreciate these kind of news.
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    Exceptionally great news indeed, especially for us converter types!!!
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    If there are updates to a module that is available for both FGC and FGU after the 24th, will FGC continue to get the version from before said update, or if a future change breaks a module for FGC then we're just SOL?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisRevocateur View Post
    If there are updates to a module that is available for both FGC and FGU after the 24th
    There won't be, any updates after the 24th will only go to FGU.

    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisRevocateur View Post
    will FGC continue to get the version from before said update
    Yes, This is my understanding.

    I don't work for them, but I think those answers are pretty clear from the OP.

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    There should not be any future changes to anything for your FGC account, so nothing should break. If there is anything we miss, we will judge this on a case-by-case basis.

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    This good news! My FGU campaigns are stable and this allows SW to focus on FGU improvements.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ddavison View Post
    This will be a paid upgrade, but it is discounted by 50% for owners of FG Classic if you upgrade to the same type of license.
    Any statement how long this discount will be available for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordEntrails View Post
    Any statement how long this discount will be available for?
    We have not determined yet, but we have decided that it won't be permanently available. It's existence complicates a few things with sales and clutters the product pages on Steam. We might let it continue through Q3 or possibly until the end of the year.

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    This saddens me greatly... Being a player in both systems (FGC and FGU), I greatly love the ease of usage in FGC compared to the more buggy FGU. FGU breaks, it gets fixed, it breaks again... FGC continues onward and has a much smaller resource usage (i.e. players don't have to reboot in the middle of a game bc their system just started smoking)... I would appreciate it if Smiteworks would consider two stores, one for each system.

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