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    Question about LoS/masking/lighting

    Hi everyone,
    I am running my group through Death House, errr, I mean Durst House, and am really enjoying the line of sight and the lighting effects. My group loved the way it looked at first, but after the first game, they were complaining a bit because it was a bit disorienting for them. They would prefer to be able to see (on the map) rooms that they have already visited. They said that it was hard to understand where they were with respect to the rest of the house when all they could see was what was right in front of them.
    Does this make sense? I think they are happy to use LoS and lighting effects when they enter a room and during battle, but when they exit the room, they'd like to be able to "remember" (on the map) what the room looked like.

    Is there a way to achieve this? Or is the only option to turn off LoS and lighting and just use masking?

    Thanks for your advice!

    PS: They thought the lighting effects were awesome for an outdoors night scene, but in the close quarters of Death house, they didn't like it so much.

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    There should be a fog of war with each character that allows them to see where the tokens have been (this is reset between maps).

    You can also use the original global mask mode as well.

    Note: We are working through some items with both lighting and global masking; so let us know if you see anything not working for you.


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    Aha. Yes, I think something might be going wrong with the map. I also noticed that I was not able to drag tokens to other parts of the map (through walls) as I have been able to do with other maps. I had to delete the tokens and then drag them onto the map again, one by one (because if I dragged all the friendly tokens, some would end up outside the walls and would not be usable).
    I will make a post in the bug reports.

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    GM dragging tokens through walls changed. See patch notes;

    • GM image token movement behavior changed block token movement based on line-of-sight to mirror player behavior. Use the Shift key to override movement limits, and disable vision/lighting updates


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    And if you delete tokens from the map, then redrag them to another location, they will then lose their history of where they have been.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atua View Post
    And if you delete tokens from the map, then redrag them to another location, they will then lose their history of where they have been.
    Aaahhhhhhhhhh. Shoot. All these problems because I didn't read the patch notes properly. I simultaneously feel dumb for not knowing this and happy for now knowing this.

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