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    Druid Wild Shapes (for 5E)


    As of late September 2023 I've not played D&D in over a year now.
    It's doubtful that I will return in the near future.
    Currently I have no interest, nor time, to maintain it.

    This extension automates the Druid's Wild Shape Feature: substituting a selected beast's stats for that of the Druid while the Druid is "Wild Shaped".

    STOP!! ## Before downloading and trying to use this extension
    READ, UNDERSTAND and be willing to COMPLY with the instructions and limitations
    stated in posts #2 through #5 of this thread. ## STOP!!

    The current version of this extension is v0.1.5, dated Nov 22, 2022.

    FGU users can subscribe to receive automated updates of this extension in the Forge (here).

    This extension is not available for FGC.

    If you have problems, issues, comments or requests please let me know.
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    What this Extension Does, How It Does It (part 1 of 2).

    The Quick Version
    --To Wild Shape your character: Drag the little shield link at the upper left of the NPC stat sheet on to the Name field on your Druid's character sheet.
    -- To Reverse or Revert the Wild Shaped Druid: Right click on the Druid's Name field on the character sheet and choose Revert on the radial menu (about 5:00 o'clock).

    The Long Version
    About four years ago I decided to play a Half Elf Circle of the Moons Druid in an upcoming Tomb of Annihilation campaign. After searching the Fantasy Grounds Forums it became apparent that the then current methodology of effecting Wild Shapes was less than appealing to me. It seemed as though most players took the beast's stat block and modified it to have the appropriate Druid stats. Rather than having to modify dozens of monster stat blocks in preparation for what I might want my Druid to Wild Shape into I decided an extension was needed to allow on the fly Wild Shaping.

    This extension rather than relying on premodified monster stat blocks allows the user to drag the link from the monster's stat block or from the NPC library on to the character sheet. It modifies the appropriate Druid's statistics to reflect those of the adopted Wild Shape. Using a context menu the user can revert back to the Druid's normal statistics. One in-play advantage of this methodology is character tokens don't have to be swapped on the map nor Wild Shape (monsters) need to be ad-hoc added and removed from the Combat Tracker.

    In each of the following three screenshot panels I have captured three subwindows from Fantasy Grounds. In the left-most portion of each screenshot is the Druid's character sheet prior to using Wild Shape. The center portion of each has an example beast that the Druid is assuming the shape of. And the right-most portion of each screenshot has the resultant Druid's character sheet depicted after assuming the beast's form. (Note that some statistics in the Giant Weasel stat block have been modified for illustrative purposes, e.g. the Giant Weasel does not usually have a Dex +5 Saving Throw.)

    As indicated in red drag the link from the desired beast's NPC stat block on to the upper portion of the character sheet to cause the Druid to assume the beast's statistics. The link can instead be dragged from the NPC Library if desired. (Do not drop the NPC on the portrait, this causes an error to be thrown by Fantasy Grounds!) Note the Druid's name change - the text is taken from the Non-identified NPC name field if it is present, otherwise the Name of the beast. This indicates to the player that his/her Druid is in Wild Shape form. To revert back right-click in the same area and a context menu comes up. Choose the Revert option (at the 5:00 position).

    As circled in blue note the adoption of the beast's Armor Class (AC).

    The Hit Points (HP) have been circled in green. The extension places the Beast's hit points in the TMP HP portion of the Druid's character sheet. This provides for an auto-revert capability. When the TMP HP go to zero the extension will automatically revert your Wild Shaped Druid. Any TMP HP that the Druid might have prior to Wild Shaping (in this example, 3) are not lost, they are just held in reserve and restored upon revert.
    (I learned this cute trick, of using the TMP HP, on the forums, I can't find it right now, but I plan to properly credit it when I come across it again.)

    The Beast's Speed, circled in tan, is added, verbatim, to the Special Move field on the Druid's character sheet. (If the beast had a fly, swim, etc., move they would be shown here.) The Speed field on the character sheet has been reduced to zero using a negative speed bonus adjustment - another indicator that the Druid is currently Wild Shaped.

    The ability scores, circled in dark red are appropriately rolled over from the monster's stat block to the character sheet. Per the Wild Shape description in the Player's Handbook (PHB), the Druid adopts the strength, dexterity and constitution abilities, but retains it own intelligence, wisdom and charisma ability scores. The ability bonuses are recalculated and display appropriately, affecting the Ability Checks and Saving Throws. Proficiencies are also handled per the Wild Shapes' specification in the PHB. (I'll discuss these in more detail below, related to the Skills.) Note the Saving Throw Values for strength (unchanged), dexterity (now +5) and constitution (highly reduced).

    Any Senses other than "passive Perception" are placed in the Special Senses field (circled in orange). The passive Perception field on the Wild Shaped character sheet appears as though it is in error because it does not match the value stated in the Giant Weasel's stat block, but it is actually correct. This will become apparent with the discussion of proficiencies below.

    Circled in purple are two characteristics that are not specifically depicted on the character sheet, the Beast's size which is reflected on the Notes tab of the character sheet and Languages, shown on the Abilities tab.

    Circled in red on this screen shot are the Beast's Traits and Actions. Both are added to a special "Actions - Wild Shape" Power Group on the character sheet's Actions Tab. I purposely did this because some Traits have parsable actions within their description and it is handy to have all the ad-hoc NPC abilities in one place, rather than having to remember to flip back and forth between the Abilities and Actions tabs for NPC characteristics that I might not remember exist. When the Wild Shaped Druid reverts the powers are removed from the group but an empty "Actions - Wild Shape" Group remains in place.

    In the next post to this thread I'll cover Skills.
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    What this Extension Does, How It Does It (part 2 of 2)

    First a note about "Statistics": The Druid Wild Shapes specification in the Players' Handbook mentions "game statistics". I had no idea exactly what those were until I listened to Jeremy Crawford (of Wizards of the Coast) Sage Advice interview in an April 2017 Dragon Talk podcast. I learned of the podcast from a post (#5) by Nickademus in this thread. Mr. Crawford states that "statistics" simply means the monster's stat block. I.e. a Druid adopting a Wild Shape takes on all the data, statistics, of the Beast's stat block. There are applied per the guidelines in the Wild Shape explanation in the Druid class definition.

    Second a note about "proficiencies" as they are applied to a Wild Shape. On page 8 of the current version of the Monster Manual, the Skills and Saving Throws statistics of a monster are a bonus that "is the sum of a monster's relevant
    ability modifier and its proficiency bonus".

    The Giant Weasel, used in my example screenshots, has a Dexterity score of 16 and a Wisdom score of 12. The respective ability bonuses are +3 and +1. Its Skills are Stealth + 5 and Perception +3. Subtracting the ability bonuses results in proficiency bonuses of Stealth +2 and Perception +2.

    The Druid character that I have provided for this discussion has the following Skill proficiencies:
    Animal Handling +2, Arcana +4, Insight +1 and Investigation +2 (these are atypical and used for illustration purposes).

    The Wild Shaped Druid has the composite ability (and bonus) values of:
    STR 11(+0), DEX 16(+3), CON 10(+0) INT 10(+0) WIS 17 (+3) and CHA 8(-1)

    Because there are no Skills that both my Druid and the Giant Weasel are proficient in we needn't address the issue of which proficiency is higher, but that's a relatively easy exercise. Tthe total Skill bonuses (ability + proficiency), for the Skills that have proficiencies are:
    Animal Handling (Wis) +2 (+3) = +5
    Arcana (Int) +4 (+0) = +4
    Insight (Wis) +1 (+3) = +4
    Investigation (Int) +2 (+0) = +2
    Perception (Wis) +2 (+3) = +5
    Stealth (Dex) +2 (+3) = +5

    For those Skills without proficiencies the total Skill Bonus is simply the same as the corresponding ability bonus.

    Close examination of the following screenshot will indicate that all Skills have the appropriately calculated Skill Bonuses.
    Notice that those Skills which have proficiencies applied due to the Beast have "misc" adjustments (as circled in red) and those Skills that have proficiencies attributed to the Druid have no such adjustment (circled in orange). Restated, the Druid based proficiencies use the proficiency selector on the far left of the window, while the Beast based proficiencies use the "misc" field.

    One other item to tie up, the passive Proficiency on the Main tab of the character sheet, partially addressed in the previous post is proven to be correct (10 + the Perception bonus of +5).

    The reader is encouraged to work through the Saving Throws, in a similar manner, if they wish.

    As minor enhancements are added I'll refer to any appropriate posted documentation in the Versioning Information (post 4 of this thread).
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    DWSI Versioning Information

    Nov 22, 2022 - v0.1.5 - changes to ruleset by Smiteworks required a patch (sse post #453)
    Jul 17, 2022 - v0.1.4 - several changes to ruleset by Smiteworks required a patch
    Jun 01, 2022 - v0.1.3 - fixed asynchronous timing display issue (see post #391)
    Apr 21, 2022 - v0.1.2 - minor extension.xml changes for better Forge support
    Apr 21, 2022 - v0.1.1 - discontinued support for FGC
    Apr 03, 2022 - v0.1.0 - Fixed collision with LDTE & no WS restrictions option (see post #367)
    Feb 16, 2022 - v0.0.14 - One extension that works with both FGU and FGC.
    Mar 31, 2020 - v0.0.12 B FGU - quick fix for Fantasy Grounds Unity (FGU), see post #195
    Nov 20, 2019 - v0.0.11 - quick fix/patch see posts 135, 136, 138-141
    Jun 16, 2019 - v0.0.10 - enhanced NPC sharing (posts 122 & 123)
    Mar 05, 2019 - v0.0.8 - level checking, Primal Strike (post 95)
    Feb 23, 2019 - v0.0.7 - HP/dmg revised, HD/heal support, avg/rnd/max hp (post 84)
    Jan 08, 2019 - v0.0.6 - Token swapping (in GM and player instances (post 36)
    Jan 07, 2019 - v0.0.5 - Elemental Wild Shapes, +/- token swapping (posts 33 & 34)
    Dec 08, 2018 - v0.0.4 - initial release
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    DWSI Known Issues, Caveats and Fixes

    Caveats (known issues that might never be fixed)
    [ISSUE] Pay particular attention to Extension Interactions and the Copyright, below.
    [ISSUE] Extra rage damage not applied for raging, wild shaped, Barbarian/Druid (multiclass). See discussion with Thirsterhall, posts 8-23.
    [ISSUE] Incompatible with the Effects Handling Enhancement extension. Will investigate. Though it does appear as though that extension might not be compatible with the current FG version (see post 27 of this thread).

    Known Issues (issues/bugs that I plan to address)
    [ISSUE] Doesn't auto-revert if the Wild Shaped Druid becomes unconscious (and still has TMP HP)
    [ISSUE] NEW 02/13/20 User defined powers, that reside in the default “Powers” group, are reassigned to the “Actions - Wild Shape” powers group, the fist time the PC Wild Shapes. And then deleted when the “Actions - Wild Shape” group is cleared during revert. (see post #174)

    Fixes/Upgrades (items that have been addressed)
    [ISSUE] Incorrect/inconsistent AC, timing issue (see post #391).
    [ISSUE] Fantasy Grounds Unity (FGU) is not fully supported. Remedied in April of 2020.
    [ISSUE] The erroneous error message "Functionality only allowed in NPC recordset library." is reported if items are moved to other groups in non NPC-recordsets. If desired a patch is available in post 141.
    [RESOLVED] Non user ocelost reported skill bonus discrepancy. Calculations reviewed and details restated in this thread. Resolved, as an errant bug report. Thank you Azimuth. (see posts #153 - 173)
    [CONFIRMED] This extension has been tested, over the course of about 3 months now, with a multiclass character (Druid/Warlock).
    [REQUEST] Requisite relaxation (Workarounds see post #106)
    Remove requirements for Wild Shaping, e.g. character being a Druid. (see Brotherkelly, posts #79-83)
    [ISSUE] Annoyance (Fixed v0.0.8)
    Reports auto-revert on long rest as being due to zero temp HP, true but not accurate.
    [REQUEST] Primal Strike (Added v0.0.8)
    Primal Strike (Circle of the Moon) not supported. See post #49 by ffujita.
    [ISSUE] Healing (Fixed v0.0.7)
    Doesn't handle healing, while in Wild Shape, properly. Investigations showed hit dice and hit points (other than TMP HP) were not truly supported. See post #45 by Lilly Fireblade.
    [REQUEST] Wild Shape HP other than default. (Added v0.0.7)
    In addition to the beast's average HP being assigned as the Wild Shape, allow max and random (rolled). See post #37 of this thread by Thirsterhall.
    [REQUEST] Elemental Wild Shape (Supported v0.0.5)
    Specific to the Circle of the Moon Druid of level 10 or higher. As part of that support, damage resistances, immunities, vulnerabilities and condition immunities are now handled.
    [ISSUE] Unsupported fields (Fixed v0.0.5)
    Originally, some fields of the NPC stat block were not supported. The vulnerabilities, immunities and reactions, weren't supported because I didn't see any beasts with those properties.

    Design Caveats
    [Caveat] Other fields like Legendary Actions are specifically not supported because they're denied in the Druid's Wild Shape guideline.

    Extension Interactions:
    Many new users of Fantasy Grounds see the huge variety of community developed extensions available to them and they load 'em up. "What could be better than all this additional functionality?" The answer might be none of it! But certainly, less of it. If you are not actively using an extension's functionality, don't load it. Community developers work in a bit of a vacuum. I don't pay attention to what's out there, unless I want or need it. Because the more extensions I have loaded the greater the chances are that those extensions might adversely interact with one another - giving errant results, undesired behaviors or crashing. I make sure my extensions work with the rest of my extensions and with those that I use from other community developers. But not every other extension out there.

    This extension is very complex. I have gone to great effort to ensure this extension modifies a minimal amount of ruleset code thereby minimizing possible conflicts. However, I cannot guarantee a conflict won't occur. Particularly if another developer's extension interferes with my extension's functionality instead of visa versa.

    If you have problems with this extension, it is your responsibility to determine if the fault is extension conflicts. The first thing I will ask you is: "Do you use any other extensions?" If so, "Have you unloaded all the other extensions? Do you still have a problem?" So you might as well figure it out beforehand. If you don't know how to go about it, take a look at post #18 of this thread.

    Extension Copyright:
    This extension is copywritten by me, in its entirety. The copyright does not prevent you from modifying it for your own use. But you may not share nor publish the modified extension with anyone as long as it has any of my copywritten code in it.
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    Win. Thank you, Minty. I'll likely be testing this out in the near future.

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    Well, I wanted to start to create an extension like this. NICE TIMING!

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    I have a char that is playing a 1 Barb/2 Druid and so far the wild shape works the one exception.

    If he rages and then wild shapes the wild shape form attacks aren't based off of strength so his +2 damage isn't applying. I think you need to instead of doing a fixed bonus for the damage take that bonus - (prof + str bonus) and make the fixed bonus and then set the attacks to be str based. I can't think of any animal shape that doesn't use str for it's attacks.

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    Thirsterhall, would you mind sending me, PM if you like, an xml copy (export) of your character. Or if not that, at least the ability scores. Thanks.

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    Love this extension. The druid in my campaign is gonna love this. Great work.

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