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    Little help with map/tokens.

    I am setting up to run some games as a DM and have been checking out all the abilities of the FG program again, my issue I have right now is I can't get the tokens to size properly without doing it beforehand first in a photo shop program. I am fine with doing that, but I have a ton of tokens/ maps and whatnot to be using at times and as DM doing things on the fly (is needed) I want to be able to size tokens when needed especially on the maps in certain situations. I don't know what I am doing wrong? I am using a Logitech ball mouse, easier on the hand then a normal mouse for me. I can get the maps to more or less zoom in and out and that, but I can't get it done with the tokens. I have tried in various of the rule-sets to be sure it is just not on the 5th edition, I will be running. So I am sure it is probably something stupid I am overlooking. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Hey Pandar "use the grid".
    If you draw a grid on the map and you drag tokens ONY from the combat tracker they will all size correctly....
    If you are not dragging from the CT you are doing it all wrong

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    Once you place the grid on the map (maps are usually scaled to 50 pixels per 5ft grid), then when you drop the token on the map (from the Combat Tracker) it will scale itself to fit based on two things; the NPC size and the scale option the GM has set (default is 80%, which means a medium NPC token will scale to fit 80% of one grid)

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    Thanks for the quick replies, figured it was something I was doing wrong. I will make sure to put grids on the maps so the items scale correctly then.

    Thanks much

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