D&D Essentials Kit

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D&D fifth edition

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D&D Adventures Bundle

D&D Essentials Kit

Everything you need to create characters and play the new adventures in this introduction to the
world's greatest roleplaying game. Designed for 2-6 players.

Unleash your imagination!

Defeat the fearsome Dragon of Icespire Peak(TM)!

Dungeons & Dragons is a cooperative storytelling game that harnesses your imagination and invites you to explore a fantastic world of adventure where heroes battle monsters, find treasures, and overcome quests. This box contains the essentials you need to run a D&D game with one Dungeon Master and one to five adventurers.

Game Components:

  • 64-page rulebook that teaches you how to create characters of levels 1-6 and play the game.
  • Include the introduction of sidekick rules.
  • Dragon of Icespire Peak(TM), a 64-page introductory adventure
  • 2 high quality maps for use with the Dragon of Icespire Peak(TM) adventure
  • Four-panel, Dungeon Master's screen
  • 81 cards describing magic items, sidekicks, and other D&D game elements
  • An ideal second purchase for new players that have bought the Starter Set, or as a standalone
    product, offering a more expansive D&D experience: (1) Learn to create characters of levels 1-6 (2) Experience the thrill of being the Dungeon Masters.
  • A strong continuity from the story of the first D&D Starter Set, "Dragon of Icespire Peak"
    adventure uses the fictional town of Phandalin on the Sword Coast as its hub.
  • First-ever official D&D fifth edition product designed to allow game play of groups as small as 2
    players (1 Dungeon Master & 1 Adventurer) with the introduction of sidekicks.

Converted by:  Zacchaeus

Requires:An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Unity license and the included D&D fifth edition ruleset.

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Released on September 03, 2019

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.7 and higher.