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Fantasy Grounds is a virtual tabletop for pen & paper role-playing games. It provides all the tools you need to play your favorite RPG online, including the dice, sheets, tokens, maps, notes, the whole works. D&D 3.5E, 4E and 5E, along with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game are supported out of the box, but Fantasy Grounds also supports any game system with the included CoreRPG ruleset.

*Additional rulesets, token packs, map modules and campaigns can be created and shared with friends.

This package contains the ULTIMATE version of Fantasy Grounds. It has the same functionality and resources as the standard Full license but allows players to connect to you without owning a license. With it you can:

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Released on January 01, 2010

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 2.9.9 and higher.



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