Caladon Falls Intro Pack
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Caladon Falls Intro Pack

You can get this product for free by downloading this file and placing it in your modules folder for Fantasy Grounds.

This product includes the following:

Caladon Falls: The Milltown Irregulars

The Milltown Irregulars a ragtag bunch of pregenerated characters designed for Caladon Falls. There is a wide selection of characters to fit almost any player.

The characters are Aloic the Crusader, Eiohna the Druid Dryad, Gris the Hunter, Isolde the Archer, Kayth the Protector, Larin the House Spy, Sir Nym the House Knight, Raelyn the Enchanter, and Tyrnan the Mercenary.

Product Contains: 9 characters with complete background descriptions, artwork, and stats for Novice and Heroic versions of the characters. This product is best used with a copy of Savage Suzerain and Caladon Falls.

Caladon Falls: The Noble Houses of Caladon

Drawn from the bounties and toils of the land, rooted in centuries of trade and tradition, the Seven Noble Houses of Caladon reflect – and guide – the temperaments of their people. Although each person of the kingdom is an individual unto him or herself, the personality of each House colors, and sometimes shadows, the people under its sway.

The Noble Houses Of Caladon details the court politics and all four court levels for all of the noble houses.

Caladon Falls: Play Ball

You can't fight a war without supplies. You just can't. That is why Lord Balrin has sent the Milltown Irregulars to Bandytown to gather much needed supplies. What are the stakes for the Milltown Irregulars?

Play Ball is a Veteran rank adventure for Savage World and Savage Suzerain set in the Realm of Relic, which is where Caladon Falls is set.

Caladon Falls: The Ruins of Stone Hill

About a half-day’s walk seaward of Milltown – just beyond the farms and fields – lies a series of low hills, the tallest of which is topped with an oddly-shaped stone outcrop. Although the locals are all pretty sure it marks the site of some First Age ruins, most of them don’t concern themselves about it. Farmers view the ruins as too dangerous, and the few adventurers who have gone there to look around either found nothing but rocks and brush, or simply never returned.

The Ruins of Stone Hill is a fantasy one sheet designed for the Realm of Relic where Caladon Falls is set. It is a Novice Rank adventure for Savage Worlds.

A copy of Savage Suzerain is required to use this product.

Conversion by: Jeannette Jarrar

Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Full or Ultimate license and a one time purchase of the Savage Worlds ruleset.

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Released on March 20, 2018

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.4 and higher.



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