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Savage Worlds Horrors Companion

Library Module for Fantasy Grounds II

Take your Savage Worlds games to new depths of darkness with the Horror Companion. Inside are new rules for playing monsters, signs and portents, buckets o' blood, ritual casting, new spells, sanity, gear, new Edges & Hindrances, Setting Rules, over 100 new monsters, advice on creating and maintaining atmosphere, and MORE!

This tome of terror is essential for anyone running a dark or horrific setting.

New with version 3.2+ of the Savage Worlds ruleset, you can drag any creature or NPC from the Bestiary to your PC window to pre-fill the PC stats for you. That means you can quickly stat out the Nerd, Jock and Chosen Slayer (all included in the Library) and have them battle their way through hordes of nasty creatures from the horror companion.

Requires: A Fantasy Grounds full or ultimate license and the Savage Worlds v3.2+ Ruleset

Fantasy Grounds Conversion: Kevin Doswell

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Released on December 22, 2011

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 2.9.9 and higher.