Starfinder RPG - Starfinder One-Shot #2: The Great Grav Train Robbery

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Starfinder RPG - Starfinder One-Shot #2: The Great Grav Train Robbery

Look, the plan couldn't be simpler. Just rappel onto the roof of a speeding train filled with armed gangsters, somehow get inside, get the passcode that opens the cargo car off the chief of security without alerting their army of goons, locate and grab that crazy artifact everyone's after, and then call your getaway pilot for an extraction before the train reaches its destination. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

This short Starfinder adventure written by Andrew White can be completed in a single session and includes four 6th-level pregenerated antiheroes whose stories and motivations tie into the plot of the adventure. This adventure can be easily used on virtual tabletops, run off digital devices, or printed out and played at a table.

This product is not a PDF or accessible outside of Fantasy Grounds. It has been lovingly converted for use within Fantasy Grounds and features the following additions:

  • All maps resized and set up with a preset grid to make combats easy to manage
  • Individual area descriptions linked to maps, containing new encounters, treasure parcels and descriptions for just that area
  • Tokens for each encounter are all pre-placed in starting locations on the map. You can edit these on the fly.
  • Drag and drop treasure parcels and Encounter XP that is easily awarded to your players to keep the game moving ahead
  • All the images and handouts from the book available to share with your players as you need them
  • This module can be played with the standard Pathfinder 2e core rules or with the new Pathfinder 2e Beginner Box rules.
Adapted for Fantasy Grounds by: Christopher Ward

Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Unity license and any ruleset. Compatible with Fantasy Grounds Unity

Screenshots may differ from what you see in-game based on the extension and ruleset you have loaded.


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Released on April 19, 2022

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 4.1.8 and higher.