´┐Żone's Colorprints #6: Undersea Caves

´┐Żone's Colorprints #6: Undersea Caves

´┐Żone's Colorprints #6: Undersea Caves

Map Module for Fantasy Grounds II

´┐Ż´┐Żthen we stumbled in a massive labyrinth of undersea caves. After a day or so of wandering we emerged in a large cavern with a yellow-sand beach. To my wonder a whole shipwreck rose from this yellow sand. How the hell that thing came there? My crew started to explore the area and, man, you won´┐Żt believe what we found´┐Ż´┐Ż

Undersea Caves presents four color maps you can arrange as you wish to form a larger map. You can event print more than one copy of the same map in order to obtain a bigger map.

This Colorprint contains the following maps:

Temple of the Frog God
Hidden in the depth of the Undersea Caves the forgotten Temple of the Frog God is an ancient mystery. It is believed the temple was built by a long disappeared race of frog-men...

Nobody knows how that ship came there. Maybe it was something related to the magic of the ancient temple hidden somewhere near the ship. Anyway the ship itself hides many secrets, not to mention the treasure cave said to be very near to the shipwreck...

In the middle of a giant cave the mighty maelstrom swirls at incredible speed eating anything dare to cross the cave. It is said that the vortex leads to a giant cave below where unimaginable treasures wait only to be discovered...

A labyrinth of twisted corridors and passages extends undersea. The labyrinth lacks any kind of landmark or feature, becoming this way a true nightmare for those wanting to cross it...

This product is an installable module for use with the Fantasy Ground II virtual tabletop. The map module has been carefully organized to allow the GM the easily prepare adventures within multiple campaigns simultaneously, while still allowing maps modules to be opened or closed as needed. Each map is linked within a an easy to follow outline story entry, with links to the map in mutliple resolutions. This product is usable with any ruleset. A Full license of Fantasy Grounds II is required to use this product.

Fantasy Grounds II Conversion by 0one Games

Ruleset Compatibility: Any

´┐Ż 2010 0one Games. 0one Colorprints and all related marks and logos are trademarks of 0one Games. Used with permission. ´┐Ż 2010. All Rights Reserved. This products' format, programming code, and presentation is copyrighted by 0one Games. Redistribution by print or by file is strictly prohibited.

Released on February 05, 2010

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 2.9.9 and higher.

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