Temples and Staff

Adventure Pack: Temples and Staff

A Graemation Adventure pack of digitally created HD Maps pre-gridded to 100dpi, and hand drawn digital character tokens, made for adventures set around religious sites and people.

This module includes Maps and Tokens ready for you to shape into an adventure or standalone campaign, just add some imagination. Included are 13 maps, of 4 core Religious sites (Church, Temple, Druid Circle and an Underground Temple). The Module provides furnished and empty versions of each location, as well as a night and ruins version of the Druid circle.

Then to add some flavour to your NPCs or to be used as Characters are a variety of Tokens, 37 in total spanning various fantasy races, sexes, armour and classes. With these 37 tokens you should be able to create encounters with clerics, monks, scribes, paladins, high priests, druids, shaman and witch doctors, not to mention guards and soldiers of the holy orders.

This map and token pack includes:


  • Church Empty
  • Church Outside
  • Church
  • Druid Circle Empty
  • Druid Circle Night
  • Druid Circle Ruins
  • Druid Circle
  • Temple Empty
  • Temple
  • Underground Temple L1 Empty
  • Underground Temple L1
  • Underground Temple L2 Empty
  • Underground Temple L2


  • Cleric 01[gnome,female]
  • Cleric 02[gnome,male]
  • Cleric 03[halfling,female]
  • Cleric 04[halfling,female]
  • Cleric 05[elf,half elf,female,paladin]
  • Cleric 06[elf,half elf,female,paladin]
  • Cleric 07[human,male,paladin]
  • Cleric 08[human,male,paladin]
  • Cleric 09[human,male,druid]
  • Cleric 10[human,male,druid]
  • Cleric 11[half orc,orc,male,druid,shaman]
  • Cleric 12[human,elf,half elf,female,paladin]
  • Cleric 13[elf, half elf,female,paladin]
  • Cleric 14[human,male].png
  • Cleric 15[dragon,blue,male]
  • Cleric 16[dwarf,male,paladin]
  • Cleric 17[dwarf,male,paladin]
  • Cleric 18[human,half elf,female,druid,shaman]
  • Cleric 19[fiend, tiefling,male,paladin]
  • Cleric 20[elf,half elf,male]
  • Cleric 21[elf,half elf,male]
  • Cleric 22[fiend,tiefling,female,paladin]
  • Cleric 23[fiend,tiefling,female,paladin]
  • Cleric 24[human, half elf,male,paladin]
  • Cleric 25[human, half elf,male,paladin]
  • Cleric 26[human,male]
  • Cleric 27[dwarf,female,paladin]
  • Cleric 28[dwarf,female,paladin]
  • Cleric 29[elf,half elf,human,female,paladin]
  • Cleric 30[elf,female,priestess]
  • Cleric 31[elf,male,guard]

Requires: A Fantasy Grounds full or ultimate license or an active subscription and any Ruleset.

Copyright � 2016 Graemation(Grae Hunter) All Rights Reserved.

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Released on October 25, 2016

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.1.7 and higher.

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