Other Dragons

Other Dragons

A Graemation Token pack of hand drawn digital character tokens, made for adventures set around Dragons, their humanoid species.

Add some flavour to your NPCs or to be used as Characters with these 9 Other Dragon tokens. These Tokens are to cover the Dragons that don't have a color, like the 5-headed Hydra, the Wyvern or Skeletal versions of both Dragons and half Dragons.

This token pack includes:

  • 5Headed Hydra
  • Dragon Dracolich
  • Undead Knight Dragonborn 01[dragon,platemail,plate,dragonborn,undead,monster,evil,villain]
  • Undead Knight Dragonborn 02[dragon,platemail,plate,dragonborn,undead,monster,evil,villain]
  • Undead Knight Dragonborn 03[dragon,platemail,plate,dragonborn,undead,monster,evil,villain]
  • Undead Lich Dragonborn 01[dragon,wizard,sorcerer,robes,dragonborn,undead,npc,monster,villain]
  • Undead Lich Dragonborn 02[dragon,wizard,sorcerer,robes,dragonborn,undead,npc,monster,villain]
  • Undead Lich Dragonborn 03[dragon,wizard,sorcerer,robes,dragonborn,undead,npc,monster,villain]
  • Wyvern

Requires: A Fantasy Grounds full or ultimate license or an active subscription and any Ruleset.

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Released on October 25, 2016

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.1.7 and higher.

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