Darkwoulfe's Token Pack Volume 18

Darkwoulfe's Token Pack Volume 18

Darkwoulfe's Token Pack volume 18

Created by Riley D. Owens (aka Darkwoulfe), this product consists of 36 top-down uniquely designed, 3d rendered tokens, depicting heroes, villains and monsters. You can use these to replace the letter tokens or built-in tokens in many popular adventure modules. Just unlock the encounters and drag these over top or drag them over top of the listing in your combat tracker.

This Token Pack includes:

  • Elder Space Paladin Attacking
  • Elder Space Paladin Dead
  • Elder Space Paladin Thinking
  • Elite Space Guardsman on Duty
  • Elite Space Guardsman with Energy Glaive Attacking
  • Elite Space Guardsman with Energy Glaive Dead
  • Robed Space Anti-Paladin Attacking
  • Robed Space Anti-Paladin Dead
  • Robed Space Anti-Paladin Negotiating
  • Space Anti-Paladin Acolyte Dead
  • Space Anti-Paladin Acolyte Defending
  • Space Anti-Paladin Acolyte Sensing
  • Space Canid Dead
  • Space Canid Firing
  • Space Canid Guarding
  • Space Canid Pilot Dead
  • Space Canid Pilot Firing
  • Space Canid Pilot
  • Space Drow Commander Dead
  • Space Drow Commander Firing
  • Space Drow Commander Pontificating
  • Space Orc with Axe, Attacking
  • Space Orc with Axe, Dead
  • Space Orc with Axe, Thinking
  • Space Orc with Double-Axe, Attacking
  • Space Orc with Double-Axe, Dead
  • Space Orc with Double-Axe, Guarding
  • Space Paladin Learner Dead
  • Space Paladin Learner Defending
  • Space Paladin Learner Walking
  • Space Tiefling Anti-Paladin Dead
  • Space Tiefling Hunter Aiming
  • Space Tiefling Hunter Dead
  • Space Tiefling Hunter Tracking
  • Tiefling Anti-Paladin at Ease
  • Tiefling Anti-Paladin Defending

Requires: An active subscription or a Fantasy Grounds full or ultimate license and any Ruleset.

Some artwork copyright � 2016 Darkwoulfe(Riley Owens) All Rights Reserved.

Fantasy Grounds is a trademark of SmiteWorks USA LLC. � 2016 SmiteWorks USA LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Released on February 28, 2016

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.1.6 and higher.

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