Darkwoulfe's Volume 29 - Prisoner of the Drow 2 (Token Pack)

Darkwoulfe's Volume 29 - Prisoner of the Drow 2 (Token Pack)

Darkwoulfes Token Pack Volume 29 - Prisoner of the Drow 2

This token pack consist of 28 uniquely designed, 3D rendered VTT tokens, depicting various inhabitants of the Deep Earth (Dark Elven Mounted Guards and the prison Warden) and creatures of surrounding tunnels (Oozes, Jellies, Slimes and Cubes, Bearmen, Underhulks, Vodyanoi, Driders, and a Carrion Crawler).

This Token Pack includes:

  • Black Pudding
  • Carrion Creeper
  • Cthulanite Wizard
  • 4 Driders
  • 5 Drow
  • Gray Ooze
  • Green Slime
  • 3 Mounted Drow
  • Ochre Jelly
  • Sentient Gelatinous Cube
  • 3 UnderHulks
  • 4 Ursoids
  • Vodyanoi
  • Mounted Warden

Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Unity license and any ruleset.

Some artwork copyright � 2017 Darkwoulfe(Riley Owens) All Rights Reserved.

Fantasy Grounds is a trademark of SmiteWorks USA LLC. � 2017 SmiteWorks USA LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Released on March 15, 2017

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.2.2 and higher.

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