Ghoul Island Act 3 Clean Up Crew

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Ghoul Island Act 3 Clean Up Crew

The time has come to press their advantage and drive the foul cult of Ghatanothoa fromidyllic Farzeen. In act 3, Clean Up Crew, the adventurers do just that and in theirinvestigations learn that their fight has just begun. Gaining entrance to the hastily constructed citadel proves to be a near insurmountable challenge, and the adventurers turn to the lava tubes riddling Farzeen for an answer. The subterranean path has its own host of challenges, but they fight through, learning more of the island's true history in the process. When faced with the power of Ghatanothoa they experience their first taste of bitter defeat at the hands of its mummifying gaze. Fortuitously, a previously unknown ally provides the opportunity to escape, and they are able to warn their allies that the battle is far from over.

Adapted for Fantasy Grounds by: George Botelho

Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Unity license and the included 5E Compatible ruleset.

Screenshots may differ from what you see in-game based on the extensions and ruleset you have loaded.

Owned by Petersen Games. Copyright (C) 2022. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

Released on February 09, 2022

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 4.1.8 and higher.