Available Feb 28 2022
Allies & Antagonists - A Big Book of NPCs
Grim Press

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Allies & Antagonists - A Big Book of NPCs (5e)

Allies & Antagonists: A Big Book of NPCs is your complete resource for breathing life into your non-player characters. No longer will your players need to converse with a simple guard or commoner. The NPCs detailed in this module give Game Masters unique art, lore, and game stats; you'll be sure to find something suitable to help craft memorable adventures at your table!

Allies & Antagonists  contains the following:

This book would not have been possible without our amazing supporters on Kickstarter! Thank you all so much!

Adapted for Fantasy Grounds by: Justin Cole

Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Unity license and any ruleset. Compatible with Fantasy Grounds Unity

Screenshots may differ from what you see in-game based on the extension and ruleset you have loaded.

Owned by Grim Press (C) 2022. All rights reserved.

Released on February 28, 2022

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 4.1.8 and higher.



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