Map Adventures #2 - Plains, Deserts, & Caverns

Map Adventures #2 - Plains, Deserts, & Caverns

Cartography by: Mysie Sabin, Anthony Catana, and Mark Manders

Ever find yourself in a game without a map for your players when playing online? A random encounters in the mountains, or an ambush on a forest trail? With Map Adventures you can have such maps at your fingertips!

Included in Map Adventures #1 are low- and high-res map of the following:

* Desert Campsite
* Desert Trail
* Cavern Encounter
* Plains Campsite
* Plains Trail
* Plains Trail-Forked
* A campsite and a watchtower to layer upon any map in this pack.

These maps can be used for online play, or can be printed off for miniatures use with the high-res version.

Released on June 01, 2004

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 2.9.9 and higher.

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