Gaming Tokens Pack #1: Animals & Aberrations

Gaming Tokens Pack #1: Animals & Aberrations

This product contains over 200 tokens in a base 70mm format (for Medium-sized) converted and optimized for online gaming with software like Fantasy Ground. Produced by artist Claudio Pozas and Fiery Dragon Productions, these tokens are framed in a fiery border and can be resized for different map scales and/or software. The tokens are sorted and scaled into different size categories, and are convered to PNG files for optimal online use.

Animals file list
Abberations file list

SmiteWorks Presents: Fiery Dragon's Counter Collection for Fantasy Grounds, owned by Fiery Dragon Productions, Inc. Used with permission, all rights reserved. (C)2009. Visit the Fiery Dragon website at for more product information.

Released on June 01, 2004

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 2.9.9 and higher.

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