Black Scrolls Village (Map Tile Pack)

Black Scrolls Village (Map Tile Pack)
Line of Sight Integrated

This product requires Fantasy Grounds Unity

Black Scrolls Medieval Fantasy City (Map Tile Pack)

The Cities of the Black Scrolls - Village tiles are finally here!

Thanks to our awesome Kickstarter backers we had a chance to create this set. Thank you!

70 double-sided tiles that are containing dirty roads, squares, and smaller cottages, gardens, fields, and thatched roof homes.

Play a more atmospheric game

The areas are on 6 inches by 6 inches sized, double-sided tiles with seamless borders that make it possible to mix them with each other. Furthermore, the cut-out tents, camps, and smaller accessories will provide you more modularity and freedom. If you are the type who likes the wonderful and breathtaking visual worlds of movies and games, then you can relive them on your gaming nights sitting around a table in your home (or online) with your friends.

Every tile has an alternative and unique night version on the other side! (Digital version is also included.)

Features of the tiles

You will get 74, Village tiles:

  • - 4 description tiles (cover, addresses + content, sample map)
  • - 10 tiles with fields, corn fields and gardens
  • - 14 tiles with road pieces (I, T, X, L, end)
  • - 13 village square tiles without houses
  • - 26 tiles with houses (houses that you can place on squares, roads or stand-alone houses like a watermill, mine entrance, living houses, inn, temple, storage and their roofs)
  • - 5 unique tiles, a lake, ruin, stone circle, a yard, and pigsty
  • - 2 cut-out tiles with roadside items like a cart, a well, tents and other objects
    Detailed, lovingly crafted graphics which will make your gaming nights more thrilling!

Adapted for Fantasy Grounds by: Antal Keninger

Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Unity license and any ruleset. Requires Fantasy Grounds Unity

Owned by AAW Games. copyright (C) 2022. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

Released on November 17, 2020

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.7 and higher.

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