Mini-Dungeons Bundle #036-040

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Mini-Dungeons Bundle #036-040

Mini-Dungeons are short, setting-agnostic adventures for 5th Edition which can be easily inserted anywhere in your campaign.

This bundle contains five such adventures for use with Fantasy Grounds Classic or Fantasy Grounds Unity (line of sight included).

Mini-Dungeon #036: The Dragon Queen's Sanctuary

Four characters of level 6

This complex was once home to a group of druids until a horde of trolls decimated the nature-lovers and ousted them from the area. The trolls and their foul leader have settled in the region and continue to cause problems to this day.

Mini-Dungeon #037: The Unreachable Terror

Four to six characters of levels 9-10

This adventure is geared towards a party that includes a divine character such as a priest or paladin of good alignment. The devotee's patron has summoned them, whether through visions or by missive from a high temple, to perform a holy gaes--a distant settlement bearing a sacred shrine to the deity is in dire need of aid from a dark curse that has befallen their home.

Mini-Dungeon #038: The Spinner's Hole

Four characters of levels 1

A lair long known for harboring giant spiders, this ancient dungeon is tolerated and periodically invaded for the valuable silk that is produced within. The local village of Spinner's Folly have long woven this silk into useful items, from light clothing to strong rope, but must retrieve silk from the dungeon at least three times per year.

Mini-Dungeon #039: We All Start Somewhere

Two to four characters of level 1-3

Everyone knows the collapsed mountainside near Raakayras. It happened when the wyrm Huomattavakasvi was driven from its lair, and now is thickly overgrown with oak and elm. zthe lair itself has been emptied by two-hundred years of adventuring, although beginners still dare to enter, hoping to find what everyone else missed. The hills have become quiet these last few years, with hardly a bugbear, ghoul, or satyr abroad; Raakayras is at peace.

Mini-Dungeon #040: The Kabandha's Request

Four characters of level 5

In the distant past, the ancestors of the reclusive kabandha made a bargain with an unknown entity to grant their people long lives in exchange for serving as wardens of the hidden places of the world. Kabandhas have kept this pact through the millennia, and today they serve as tactically minded guardians with great longevity.

Adapted for Fantasy Grounds by: Anthony Rush

Requires: An active subscription or a one time purchase of a Fantasy Grounds Unity license and the included 5E Compatible ruleset. Compatible with Fantasy Grounds Unity

Owned by AAW Games. copyright (C) 2022. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

Released on January 12, 2021

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.3.7 and higher.