5E Mini-Dungeon #009: Tiikeri's Revenge

5E Mini-Dungeon #009: Tiikeri's Revenge
Line of Sight Integrated

A 5E Mini-Dungeon for 4-5 PCs of Levels 6-7

�When revenge calls, act as the tiger... with hard-favor�d rage!�

In the sub-continent, some extreme religious cults have taken to eradicating the essentially-neutral local weretigers. One such band, the law-focused Light-from-Darkness, developed a precise ritual that withdrew a weretiger�s essence to its exact last drop. When one weretiger somehow resisted the ritual three times, the temple�s followers became unsure what to do, so did nothing.

This gave Kaanne Tiikeri - a rakshasa - an opportunity to learn about his captors even as they began to realize their mistake. When Tiikeri�s chance came, he escaped his chains, assumed various temple members� forms, and slaughtered them all. Now he rests and ponders the fate of those nearest and dearest to the former clergy, for revenge calls...

5E Mini-Dungeons are small adventures for 5th Edition which are setting agnostic and are easily inserted anywhere in your campaign.

Requires: A Fantasy Grounds full or ultimate license or an active subscription and the included 5E Ruleset.

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Released on November 08, 2016

Designed for Fantasy Grounds version 3.2.0 and higher.

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