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    Problems with the SW ruleset.

    When selecting the CREATE & VIEW LOCAL CHARACTERS option from the main FG II splash window, I am prompted to select the rules set. I select SW & start. I select PCs & am given the window to CREATE A NEW CHARACTER. When I double click it the console comes up with several script errors & several Ruleset Warnings. I would love to have C&P'd them here, but am unable to select the text in the console window. A character sheet DOES come up, but whenever I add data to the sheet, I begin to get rulest warning, adding dice gives me Script Notices, & I am unable to add modifiers to any die types other than d12s.

    If I mess with the char generator in the game it seems to work fine. However if I attempt to clear dice from a Personality (using the personalities deck) I get :

    Script Error :[string "npc_combat:xxxMod]:1 attempt to index a nil value

    The errors I get (though several of the below) when I create a character in the CREATE & VIEW LOCAL CHARACTERS tab are listed below.

    Script Error :[string "scripts/XXX.lua"]:94 attempt to index a nil value
    Script Error :[string "charsheet_main:XXXMod]:1 attempt to index a nil value

    x's are different text, the errors arent showing X's in those values.

    The ruleset warning

    Ruleset Warning : Anchored control static width ignored.

    Sure would appreciate some guidance here! Have I put something in the wrong place when I updated the the new SW ruleset, are these common problems???? Whats happening!?!?!



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    The Savage Worlds ruleset is not configured to work locally and the best way to do it would involve changing the distribution method.

    Let me check on the personality issue.
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    On the clear dice issue. There are handlers watching that node and the clear dice blanks it out. I really can't override that to force it to a D4 so basically I would need to write a few IF statements into all the handlers. Doable but not sure if/when the next patch is coming out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshuha
    Doable but not sure if/when the next patch is coming out.
    At the moment none are planned.

    Trav, please send me screenshots of your issue so it can be reviewed.

    Thank you for looking at this Josh.

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    Hey, I have those same exact problems!

    How do you capture a screen shot?


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    The PrtScrn key takes a snapshot onto the clipboard which you can paste into a document/email/paint program.

    It also saves a copy of the screen (I think) in the FG folder.


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    Thanks Stuart, but the laptop I am using doesn't seem to have such a key!
    I will check my manual later and see where/how I access that function.


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    I am also having the same script error when creating local characters
    I am in: GMT -5 Eastern Standard Time USA, Florida

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    FYI ... my inbox remains empty on this issue; I have previously asked for screen shots of the error and exactly when it occurs.

    As I've also stated previously in this forum, the FG forums are not the place to receive technical support for Digital Adventures products. With every purchase is an email to report technical issues, so please use this contact information instead. When you do, send your (real) name, date of purchase, and place you purchased your DA product to receive technical support.

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    Hmm. My order didn't have a support email in it.

    Nearly complete email from order... I've got a screen shot I'm sending you though.

    Digital Adventures Online Store
    Order Number: 644
    Detailed Invoice: https://www.digitaladventures.net/ca...p?order_id=644
    Date Ordered: Wednesday 07 May, 2008

    1 x Savage Worlds Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds II v2 Upgrade (xxxxx) = $8.00
    Download Yes
    Sub-Total: $8.00

    Billing Address

    Payment Method

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