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    1st Marvel Fig trial

    1st fast attempt at making a icon for the Marvel RPG. I present the Wolverine miniature.


    Now I just need the RPG rules set and I will make more and try to get better.

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    Very Cool!

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    Thanks Traygin, though I can't take much credit. All I am doing is taking a screenshot of Marvel Ultimate Alliance as I play. Remove the background and put it on a mini base in photoshop . So one gets quite few characters this way but talent will have to brought out when trying to make a Hulk figure or one that wasnt in Marvel Alliance game.

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    Edited since my advice is not wanted by the community at large.
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    I was kind of thinking the same thing. I still have a lot of my Marvel RPG books, but heck, even the Marvel home page has a Marvel Universe with bios of all the characters and one could make tokens out of those. So we have some more supporting resources, we just have to find the guy who was doing a great job on the XML rules set to finish it or just wing it and have people share their character sheets via email with the DM and than just make the rolls. An Alt tab window on the computer (NOT in FGII itself) to one of the Marvel RPG fan web sites could be the rules set as they have the rules.

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    1st Pog trial

    One neat thing they use to have for Marvel was a quick character reference card. Rather than a full 8 1/2 x 11 page, this was just a 4 x 2 1/2 or so card. Image on one side, stats on the other. Of course with FGII you could have both and just call up one or the other when needed for more detail or screen space.

    The Old Skill/Power test chart

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    wow great stuff. I used to play marvel all the time....would be fun to play again.

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    Edited since my advice is not wanted by the community at large.
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    I wonder if with either of these two sites would have the old cut out and fold triangle figures? Or which box set it was in?


    Could be on some other Marvel Web source too? At work so I cant really google search into it.

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    Back in the good old days, me and a buddy of mine made the cardboard cutout figs for all of the heroes and villains in our campaign. I don't have them any more, but I recall that they were really simple to make. All you really need is a image editing program like Paint Shop Pro and a few pictures of your hero and voila! You have a cutout ready to be printed an used.

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