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    Savage Worlds - Necessary Evil

    I will be starting up a Necessary Evil campaign for Savage Worlds and am looking for a few players.

    System: Savage Worlds with Necessary Evil
    Time: Weekly Wednesday game from 8:30 PM - 12 AM EST (GMT -5)
    Start Date: January 30th, 2008
    # slots open:2-4 (target group size is 6)

    I will be running the standard adventures/plot points in the book in case you have played those already. The first session on the 30th will be just an introduction to the SW rules and for character creation.

    Don't be shy to join if you are new to Fantasy Grounds or Savage Worlds, I am willing to help. However I do ask that players have access to the Necessary Evil players guide which is only $8.95 on the Pinnacle store. In game you will have access to the Savage Worlds revised rules but I will be using the Explorers Edition updates to things like melee damage.

    If you are not familiar with Necessary Evil the basic premise is that almost all of the world's superheroes were offed in an alien invasion due to some trickery and all thats left to defend earth are supervillians operating in small cells.

    As far as character creation goes I am using some house rules by the game designer like allowing switchable power modifiers and a few other things. I will setup a wiki for the game with this information once we have a our player pool. Realize you are playing villians but you do need to give some motivations on why your villian would work with others. Group cohesion is important. I don't expect everyone in character to like each other (and even minor scuffles might be appropiate) but I don't want group members trying to off each other.

    Finally, when designing your powers, make sure you always start with the effect you are trying to accomplish and then look for the power that matches and make the trapping the look and feel. For instance, say you wanted a power that uses ice to trap an opponent. Your first instinct might be to start looking at things like energy control or matter control but the end effect you are going for is really the Ensare power. The trapping is just that its ice based. So don't get too hung up in how a power looks or what the origin of it is, thats all in the trappings, try to think about what the effect you are going for first.
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    I am interested in seeing this setting and will give it a go.

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    Looks like it would be interesting but I can't play that late. If you start up another game with an earlier end time or on the weekend let me know.

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    That time works out pretty good for me, i are intaresteded.

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    Well, the C&C game appears to have fallen through, again. And I do love Savage Worlds. I'll go for a game of Necessary Evil.
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    For those interested please PM me your e-mail addresses and I can send you an invite to the wiki.

    Also, I do use Ventrilo in my games but a mic is not required. I use voice chat to relay metagame info, rules questions, and general OOC banter but keep all in character stuff in game.

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    I currently have 6 people interested in this game and another who has become the first alternate on the list should one drop.

    Thanks for the interest folks and if I still need more people I will let everyone know.

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