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    Getting my combat tracker to reappear?

    On two campaigns of mine (one with a custom ruleset) and one using the normal d20 ruleset, I can't get the combat tracker to appear when I click on the icon that's supposed to open it. Until recently the trackers in these opened up fine. (Also note that If I create a brand new campaign using any of these rulesets, the trackers opens up fine.)

    Is something in my campaign data causing this or is something else going on? Ideas on how to resolve this?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
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    I'm guessing the combat tracker does show up, but it's not anywhere on your screen. You can delete the CampaignRegistry.lua file in the folder of the campaign, this will reset all window positions to their defaults, but it will also delete the contents of the combat tracker. But I'm guessing an empty combat tracker that you can see is better than a filled one you can't, right?

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    So you can prevent this happening in the future, this is caused when you decrease the size of the FG window. FG remembers where windows like the combat tracker were the last time you ran the program, but it remembers those locations relative to the upper left corner of FG's window. So, if you later run FG in a smaller window (such as if you decrease your screen resolution for some reason), some of these widgets will open up but they'll be off the right or bottom edge of FG's window.

    If you are running with FG smaller than the full size of the monitor, you might try stretching the window out first, but if that doesn't help you find the window, you'll probably need to follow Hamish's suggestion.

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    Also remember if the popup is not far off the screen you can move the FG desktop so most of it is off the screen and just expand the FG desktop in the direction of where the popup is located and once you find it move it back towards the center of the window. So if you have something off the screen to the right move the FG Desktop until most of it is off the screen to the left and then stretch out the desktop to the right until you find the item and then move it back over towards the left and then narrow the FG desktop an move more of the FG desktop back onto your screen. Keep sliding the popup over and narrowing the screen until is back on the screen normally. I wouldn't do this if the popup is three screens over but if its just off the screen because you changed the screen resolution then this is probably faster than deleting the CampaignRegistry.lua file.

    Wow, that took far longer to explain than it does to do.

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    Thanks all, Hamish's solution worked! Hooray!! I can see my tracker. I think what caused it was I had FG spanned across two monitors and then I reset my setup back to just one monitor with FG still open. FG doesn't like that at all...

    Anyway, thanks again for the suggestions everyone. You're awesomeness is the envy of all!

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