I'm gauging interest for a new project and seeing if I can get a team together to help.

I want to create a new ruleset for Fantasy Grounds II called "Stone Age". The theme will be prehistoric man and his struggles for survival against other tribes, Neanderthal man, and the various creatures of the age.

Reference material will come from GURPS Ice Age, Clan of the Cavebear books, and other similar materials.

The rule system will be d100 based (partially adapted from my Warhammer Ruleset) and will be a ground up rewrite. Most of the ruleset coding and mechanics are already in place. It's more or less a data and skin conversion.

I have the basic system in place. I need artists (UI, Tokens, and Maps), coders, and DB keyers. Some input on the system and mechanics and play testing would be helpful as well.

I would like to include some basic tokens, maps, and a sample scenario with the ruleset package.

Post here if you're interested and would like to get involved in the project.