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    Saving main window layout between sessions?

    Whenever I use Fantasy Grounds, it always displays in the same small square in the center of the screen. However, every time I run FG, I resize the window to fit the screen and set up my windows to fit inside.

    It would be great if FG remembered the main window size between sessions, or if there was a way to specify that you woulk like it to.

    Is this something available in FG2 today? Or is this a feature request?


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    FG 2 does store window locations and remembers the size and location by default.

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    FG stores all the window locations "within" the application, but does not store the window location and size of the application window itself. That is what I'm asking about.


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    Sorry I misread that. I am guessing that FG opens up to the default size of the desktop defined in the ruleset. It may be theoritically possible to code this into the ruleset but I am not sure if through LUA FG exposes what the master resolution of the app itself is. If it does, we could store it and change it the next time its opened.

    Most likely though the best solution may be a command line option to the shortcut to specify the default size. That way you can override and set it whatever size you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshuha
    FG 2 does store window locations and remembers the size and location by default.
    It does? Mine ALWAYS opens with all windows closed .

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    I mean last opened location. So if you were to move/resize your character sheet it should remember those settings the next time you open it. That is if you are using the default d20 ruleset.

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    Hmmm, it does not do that for me? Running FG 2.1.0 (Full) on Vista 32 Ultimate with 2GB RAM and GF7900GT video.

    As either player or DM, every time I start FG all windows are closed - only the chat box on the left and icons on the right - the default layout. Any character sheets, maps, story, etc is closed.

    Any suggestions?

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    They are closed but the location is stored, so that when you open them next they are where you left them.

    This can be a pain if you have to switch from 3 screens to a single screen for some reason, as everything opens up off the screen.

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    Yeah. It would be nice if FG had a sanity check for popup locations being at least on the FG desktop. More overhead for little gain, overall I guess. It would do odd things if you went from full screen to windowed too.

    I useally don't end up with much stuff off screen, but the thing that bugs me the most is the dice being off the screen when you are reaching for one.

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    And, as has been asked already, a way to reset these positions so that they will appear in the default window size.

    Instead of appearing way off in never land where a 2nd monitor USED to be.


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