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    IP perma-stuck on Hamachi

    I needed to use Hamachi to play FG with a friend, and the Hamachi gave me a 5.xxxxx ip.
    Now, when I start up FG and try to host it automatically defaults to the Hamachi 5.xxxx ip, opposed to the 7.xxxx ip I see at whatismyip.com. Is there a way to switch it back to my old 7.xxxx? It won't let me type in a new one on the host menu.

    EDIT: I uninstalled Hamachi and it fixed itself. Guess I'll have to live without it anyway, since the trial period was waning.
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    I have no experience whatsoever with Hamachi, but I think this should not be problem. The FG screen shows whatever it thinks is your IP number, but it is only correct if your computer is connected to the internet through a modem. As soon as routers get involved, it will probably show you the wrong number.
    This should not prevent you from playing though, as the FG 'server' running on your PC will respond to any incoming connections, no matter what IP they are connecting to. So as the host, just fire up the campaign and have your players connect to whatever whatismyip.com tells you your IP number is, it should work.....

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